What can’t be seen, can’t be healed.

I had planned on waiting several days before posting this, but in light of what’s happening throughout the country, I feel the time is now. For many, a Trump presidency is a nightmare come to fruition. His was a campaign that tapped into the fears of many, many Americans and used them to his benefit. However, there is something that needs to be understood. Not every Trump supporter was a “non college educated white male”. I have quite a few friends, more than you would imagine, that voted for him.Read More

Do the Right Thing, President Trump

Last night (or rather very early this morning) became one of those moments. A moment in history that you know will change the world we live in; like the moment Kennedy was assassinated is to my parents or like the moment the towers fell is to me. Years from now inquisitive sons and daughters may ask us “do you remember where you were when President Trump was elected?” I have my answer. I was dead tired at home Facebooking at 3am and shocked that it was really happening. The shockRead More

The Fake Morality of Obama and Hillary

The moral outrage displayed by Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the media with regards to the “Trump Tape” is as sincere as a Kim Kardashian marriage. Let’s keep it real, what Trump said in the leaked video with Billy Bush was incredibly wrong and he probably deserves to be slapped around a bit. However his behavior is nothing compared to Obama’s and Hillary’s friends and the media. The hypocrisy is sickening!! The fact that Hillary, Obama, and the media pick and choose their outrage is sickening. If you read aRead More

On 9/11 you stand. Period!

The latest trend in the NFL is football players taking a stand against perceived social injustices by disrespecting the American flag and some chose to do it on 9/11. Understandably, it’s hard for the overwhelming population of Americans to see these overpaid millionaires protest and not get pissed off. An overwhelming amount of us are taxpayers who try to live our lives peacefully while taking advantage of the freedoms our democratic society offers us. Many, like me, have lost relatives fighting to protect and promote freedom or currently have relativesRead More

TODAY’S POLL – Who is the bigger sore loser? Please vote….

Please pick who is the bigger prick by voting above. These are the candidates: Egyptian Judo black belt with no manners: OR Hope Solo calling Sweden players cowards after they beat her ass

2016 Olympics – A Rio Mess.

I’ve been publicly commenting on how the Summer Olympics should be cancelled for 6 month’s now and no one is friggin listening to me! Let’s put aside the fact that ISIS has been very active recently sending suicide bombers to kill people in mass numbers all over the world. Instead let’s discuss other reasons why the Olympics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil may be a very, very, very bad idea for visitors and athletes. Do you believe in curses and omens? Well if you do, Rio has given you aRead More

Muhammad Ali – from asshole to G.O.A.T.

The artist formerly known as Cassius Clay was not a saint and he would be the first to tell you that. Let’s not forget that one of Muhammad Ali’s most famous quotes is “the man who views the world at 50 the same way he did at 20 wasted 30 years of his life.” Ali was cocky, mean-spirited, jovial, racist and stubborn closer to 50 years ago. He called boxing legends and heavyweight champions Joe Louis and Floyd Paterson “Uncle Toms”. During World War II, Joe Louis was drafted andRead More

Trump schools Chris Christie on common sense

Love him or hate him, there is little argument that Donald Trump is loyal and that he expects the same loyalty from his close associates. In his book “The Art of the Deal” Trump stated how he would set up friends and workers by having contractors offer them bribes and payoffs. On the surface this sounds like the actions of a paranoid man but the motive is clear – he demands loyalty. This brings us to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. It has been reported that Trump is disgusted withRead More

Leaving America because of Trump? Here are some tips….

Last night Donald Trump took a giant step towards the White House when he became the official Republican nominee for President. That’s right; Donald Trump started yesterday going on TV to claim Ted Cruz’s father played a part in the Kennedy assassination and then ended the day becoming the official Republican nominee for President. The ridiculousness of that last sentence I just wrote is exactly why Trump will be our next President. The man just doesn’t give a fuck when he’s on the attack. He’ll say anything and repeat itRead More

Morgan Freeman is full of shhht…..

Remember when Morgan Freeman went on 60 Minutes and told Mike Wallace that we have to stop talking about racism to get rid of it and how Black History Month was stupid because it insinuates that blacks are less American. Here’s a reminder: WELL, it appears that was all bullshhht because Morgan Freeman is now using his “blackness” to get blacks to vote for Hillary in her commercials. In this commercial he points out that blacks should vote for Hillary because “she’s always been with us” : I’m so disappointedRead More