Monday, June 30th, 2014


NETS tell Jason Kidd, “Go Buck yourself!”


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Had Jason Kidd paid any attention to politics and noticed how Vladimir Putin doesn’t take President Obama seriously, he probably would’ve thought twice before trying to bluff his Russian boss Mikhail Prokhorov. Russians don’t play that. Kidd made a play for more money and power with the Nets and Prokhorov apparently isn’t a fan of extortion. The Nets called Kidd’s bluff and didn’t give Kidd what he wanted. Then they gave Kidd permission to talk to the Milwaukee Bucks even though he is under contract. Kidd is now in aRead More

Who’s your G?

Arda Itez

Thriving truth seeker. Human conduit. Moon Goddess. Lover of all beings two legged and four. Child of nature. Teacher and student of Universal belief. Writer, poet, Spoken Word performer, former tortured soul. La Loba. Dakini. Opinionated, vocal, avid human and animal rights activist, founder and CEO of Sebastian and Mia's House, non profit animal rescue. National Director of Education Lakme USA.

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A little ditty for all the religious text thumpers who denounce all other religion. To those who believe diversity is the devil preaching. To the hellfire and brimstone fearing;  homophobic; anti female; patriarchal God worshiping zealot friends out there… ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Who’s your God, my friend? The one you pray to…cry out to Beg for comfort when you’re alone at night? Who’s your God my friend? The one you quote and ask for hope When you feel you’re nearing your end? And who’s your God my friend? The one who blesses,Read More