Monday, August 4th, 2014


Visibly Invisible

Arda Itez

Thriving truth seeker. Human conduit. Moon Goddess. Lover of all beings two legged and four. Child of nature. Teacher and student of Universal belief. Writer, poet, Spoken Word performer, former tortured soul. La Loba. Dakini. Opinionated, vocal, avid human and animal rights activist, founder and CEO of Sebastian and Mia's House, non profit animal rescue. National Director of Education Lakme USA.

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Clear as day Bright as the sun Sharper than winter’s moon My friend, my protector, my touchstone. It’s you who sees the treasure in me, my strength and fear, my humor and pain. It’s you who cries with me, smiles with me, flies with me, makes me forget. It’s you who believes that I am created of stars, each word that I speak, a pearl from my lips, a brilliant flash and glimpse of my soul. It’s you who at once, makes me feel like a delicate gift, with theRead More

Domestic Violence – A Two Way Street

Gary Joshua

Gary Joshua was born and raised in northern New Jersey.After serving in the United States Marine Corps from 2001-2006, he was honorably discharged and began a career in the private sector as an electrical engineer.A graduate of Southern Illinois University, with an extensive military electrical background, he currently works as an electrical design engineer in New York City.Gary’s interest in writing primarily surround politics and entertainment and how mass media shapes helps shape the public’s opinion on issues arising from these two topics.

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Domestic violence is a very serious issue.  It involves a (typically female) victim, a (typically male) perpetrator and has consequences that reverberate throughout the families and the communities of both parties.  Domestic violence stories become even more mainstream when celebrities and subsequently the media get involved.  Whether it’s O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown, Bobby & Whitney, or Chris Brown & Rihanna, we can all recollect a tragic domestic violence story we’ve heard about or one that we’ve unfortunately witnessed first or second hand. In the fight against domestic violence, thereRead More