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MarcoReport is a forum wherein Marco and his guest writers share their opinions on hot topics of the day.Along with sharing personal essays; poetry; and anything else we feel may interest you!

Latest posts by marcoreport (cheap Lyrica canada)

2015 had begun and Obama’s still president
Only 2 years left until he pays his own rent.
In Paris, political cartoonists are slain in a terrorist attack
World leaders go there to mourn, but where is Barack?
“I am Charlie” is trending on Twitter
Until the Patriots win the AFC and Baltimore gets bitter.
They complain to the NFL that the Patriots cheated
and Tom Brady doesn’t like the way that he’s treated.
Brady and Belichek are the NFL’s winningest pair,
Who knew that a football is easier to throw when you let our some air?

New England wins the Super Bowl but it wasn’t a cinch
It appears Seattle forgot it had a player named Lynch.
Boko Haram and ISIS continue to kill with lots of success
While Americans are fascinated by the color of a dress.
NBC’s Brian Williams lied about being in places and got suspended
He saw no harm if he wasn’t there and just pretended.
Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian are basketball coaches in the Hall of Fame
They died days apart after giving their lives to coaching the game.
The Star Trek Enterprise also lost one of its flock
He lived long and prospered, goodbye Mr. Spock.

Han Solo can fly in the future at high warp speed
But in 2015 Harrison Ford crashed a Cessna on a golf course’s green.
Israeli’s Prime Minister is invited to speak in front of our Congress
Obama’s get pissed because it will impede with his progress
Barack is in negotiations with American haters
The man is nuts, more on that later….

In Baltimore, a man dies in police custody so people riot
It’s an opportunity to get new shit and you don’t have to buy it!!!
SONY pictures is hacked and shit hits the fan
Jennifer Laurence is mad she makes less than a man!
Speaking of men, Bruce Jenner makes his announcement
That whole Kardashian klan needs some serious counselin’
Nepal has an earthquake and over 5,000 dead
Rolling Stone apologizes for a fake story that wasn’t proofread.
We lost Ben E. King who sang “Stand By Me”
and also Jack Ely who sang “Louie Louie”.
Hilary Clinton announces she’s running to become president
I hope she’s not the next resident…

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao finally fight
Finding celebrities in the seats was the biggest highlight.
American Pharaoh wins the Triple Crown just like Seattle Slew
Now it’s off to the factory to make us some glue.
The King of the Blues, B.B. King is now gone
As is Anne Meara who is Ben Stiller’s mom.

Two convicts escaped in NY and we have a horny prison worker to thank
The court gave seven years of redemption for the sorry shaw-skank.
Tragedy in Charleston when a racist man enters a church and kills some of the congregation
Racism is alive and well in our great nation.
A county clerk named Kim Davis refused to marry gays because she believes it’s a crime
Kim herself was recently married for the 4th time.
Donald Trump begins his journey to make America great again
He joins a doctor, a woman, and 16 other men.

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