2016 Olympics – A Rio Mess.


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I’ve been publicly commenting on how the Summer Olympics should be cancelled for 6 month’s now and no one is friggin listening to me!

Let’s put aside the fact that ISIS has been very active recently sending suicide bombers to kill people in mass numbers all over the world. Instead let’s discuss other reasons why the Olympics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil may be a very, very, very bad idea for visitors and athletes.

Do you believe in curses and omens? Well if you do, Rio has given you a lot to consider.

First, let’s all take a second to remember the official mascot of the Olympics, Juma the Jaguar, who was brutally murdered a couple of weeks ago at a torch lighting ceremony. Did Juma take the bullet to remind the world that Rio is experiencing a very serious crime wave? Hmmm….


Murders in Rio are up 15 percent this past month and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Drug gangs have taken over and cops have lost control. 60 or so police officers in Rio have been murdered this year. If Juma taking a bullet isn’t enough of an omen, then consider the fact that the police themselves are outright telling you to stay home because Rio is not safe!

The honest cops have been seen holding up signs in Rio that say “Welcome to Hell” and “You are not safe” (Wow, talk about hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth). If you need even more convincing to stay home then take note that Rio is broke and that the cops and firefighters are not being paid! It’s so bad that Police Stations can’t purchase toilet paper and cops are asking locals for basic necessities. Feeling lucky?

Our second omen takes us to the sky where 28 skydivers attempted to form the Olympic rings over Rio. 26 of them can now tell the story of how they participated in this performance (if they avoid being murdered) and 2 of them can’t – because they died when their parachutes tangled! Are they trying to tell us to stay out of the skies and not fly there? Hmmm…

Our 3rd omen takes us to a brand new scenic bike path the Mayor of Rio went on record to say is “the most beautiful bike path in the world”. A title that didn’t last long since the bike path collapsed after some waves crashed into it killing 2 people. I don’t know what the message is here other than Rio has constructed a LOT of building and roads in a very short period by shotty contractors who cut a lot of corners. Feeling safe?
Rio e Janiero was forced to declare that they were in a “financial disaster” last month in order to get federal bailout money. The lack of funds meant that major Olympic projects were way behind schedule. A big project was a trains system that would allow visitors to travel to and from venues. That isn’t even close to being complete as per a Brazilian friend of mine. Without this rail system tourist may have to travel crime-ridden streets and risk making a wrong turn. Feeling confident?

The financial crisis has also affected hospitals which are operating under 3rd world conditions.
So what” you might say, “I’ll make sure to not need a hospital”. Well, if you are going to Rio my guess is that you may be looking forward to lying on a beautiful beach and going waist deep into the ocean. Very Bad idea! Just this week body parts were found on Copacabana beach where the Volleyball games will be played. In addition to that lab tests have proven that the sand is laced with dangerous bacteria. The ocean itself is heavily polluted with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and is full of human sewage.

Oh, and did I mention Zika?

I want to say that I really hope I’m wrong and that the Olympics are a success, but I can’t without commenting on how stupid it is to hold the Olympics in a country where poor people are being corralled and hidden in ghettos; where murders are surging; where cops aren’t getting paid; and where there are serious environmental issues.

Other then that “Let’s Go U.S.A.!! Bring home the gold!!!

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