Arda Itez


What can’t be seen, can’t be healed.

I had planned on waiting several days before posting this, but in light of what’s happening throughout the country, I feel the time is now. For many, a Trump presidency is a nightmare come to fruition. His was a campaign that tapped into the fears of many, many Americans and used them to his benefit. However, there is something that needs to be understood. Not every Trump supporter was a “non college educated white male”. I have quite a few friends, more than you would imagine, that voted for him.Read More

Visibly Invisible

Clear as day Bright as the sun Sharper than winter’s moon My friend, my protector, my touchstone. It’s you who sees the treasure in me, my strength and fear, my humor and pain. It’s you who cries with me, smiles with me, flies with me, makes me forget. It’s you who believes that I am created of stars, each word that I speak, a pearl from my lips, a brilliant flash and glimpse of my soul. It’s you who at once, makes me feel like a delicate gift, with theRead More


Life doesn’t happen to us, it responds to us. Change your perspective and you change your world. You see scarred and battered flesh I see purest silk You shield a battle hardened heart I seek the softness in between You heed the words of wisdom I hear the whispers of your soul You speak of truth and logic I regale with songs of love You forge ahead with caution I float above you in your dreams Your trust lies in what’s black and white I have faith in the unseen.

Who’s your G?

A little ditty for all the religious text thumpers who denounce all other religion. To those who believe diversity is the devil preaching. To the hellfire and brimstone fearing;  homophobic; anti female; patriarchal God worshiping zealot friends out there… ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Who’s your God, my friend? The one you pray to…cry out to Beg for comfort when you’re alone at night? Who’s your God my friend? The one you quote and ask for hope When you feel you’re nearing your end? And who’s your God my friend? The one who blesses,Read More

The Marco Report welcomes Arda Itez!!

The Marco Report is making moves and adding writers to the staff in order to provide you with various perspectives and insightful viewpoints on issues that matters.  Arda Itez is a soulful poet and writer who evokes emotion via sharp words, wit, and beautiful storytelling. We would like to welcome Arda and look forward to her contributions!!!  Check out her bio below.