Beyonce and her Super Bowl performance was….

Many people are saying that Beyonce Knowles took the stage at Sunday’s Super Bowl to protest the oppression she endures as a billionaire pop-star that is also a BFF to the President of The United States. But is that what really happened? Is her struggle really real? Beyonce complaining about racism is very much like Hillary Clinton campaigning for the poor and against Wall Street, even though she has made millions of dollars giving private motivational speeches to Goldman Sachs executives. Are both of these ladies using the allegiance ofRead More

Mayor DeBlasio is too forgiving towards crane operators

Last Friday a huge crane crashed to the ground in downtown Manhattan smashing buildings, cars, gas lines, and water lines. Immediately thereafter, NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio held a press conference that was more like a rally to support the construction industry in New York. De Idiot carried on explaining how the crane operators were being diligent by lowering the crane due to winds and how “it was a miracle that more people weren’t hurt or killed”. I’m sure that the family of the man that was killed would disagree withRead More

Hey Spike, “Oscars So White” because of Jews…

The “OscarsSoWhite” boycott has inundated the internet with hateful remarks, due to the alleged racism that black people like Spike Lee claim is oppressing black actors and actresses. Multi-millionaire couple Will and Jada Smith also chimed in with racist claims simply because black actors were not nominated in acting categories this year. The topic continues to be debated and has become a White vs Black battle focused on proving whether blacks are really discriminated against in Hollywood or overreacting. In an effort to get a gauge of what people areRead More

2015 Year in Review Poem – January to June

January 2015 had begun and Obama’s still president Only 2 years left until he pays his own rent. In Paris, political cartoonists are slain in a terrorist attack World leaders go there to mourn, but where is Barack? “I am Charlie” is trending on Twitter Until the Patriots win the AFC and Baltimore gets bitter. They complain to the NFL that the Patriots cheated and Tom Brady doesn’t like the way that he’s treated. Brady and Belichek are the NFL’s winningest pair, Who knew that a football is easier toRead More

Hillary and The Puerto Rican crisis no one cares about.

President Obama and his liberal cronies are urging Americans to open their hearts and welcome Middle East refugees to our country while they fail to fix the poverty and soon to be humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. The cash strapped American commonwealth is running out of money and there is a high probability that they will not be able to pay a billion dollar debt due next month in January. President Obama has made it clear that he will not bailout Puerto Rico as he did General Motors and severalRead More

Tired and Poor Huddled Masses Need Not Apply.

The recent Paris terrorist attack has inspired Americans to express their opinion on whether Syrian refugees should be allowed entry into our country. Social networks have been consumed with essays, one-liners, and memes that support the opinion of Facebook – accredited scholars. Republican politicians like Ted Cruz and Trump clearly are against accepting Syrian refugees, while Democrats like Hilary Clinton send mixed messages reminding us that not accepting refugees is not what America is about. The argument against letting refugees in America is simple common sense. Syria as a countryRead More

I Didn’t Pray For Paris

I didn’t pray for Paris and I didn’t change my Facebook profile picture to reflect the French flag colors. However, I did feel sad about the senseless loss of life and I felt hate towards the Muslim radicals that continue to prosper in Muslim countries. I’ve lived long enough to know that prayer is a personal mechanism that many believe in to make their lives more meaningful and peaceful. So far that reason, I would never totally discount the power of prayer. But when prayer and the religion behind itRead More

New York bans FanDuel & DraftKings…(but the NY Lottery is perfectly OK)

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman declared war on daily fantasy gaming sites Fanduel and Draftkings by banning them in New York yesterday. In doing so Schneiderman stated: Our investigation has found that, unlike traditional fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports companies are engaged in illegal gambling under New York law, causing the same kinds of social and economic harms as other forms of illegal gambling and misleading New York consumers Are you fucking kidding me?! The State of New York runs “I love New York Lottery” commercials ALL day incitingRead More

Live de Nueva York it’s Sabado Night!!… with Donald Trump!

As Dr. Ben Carson takes the lead in Republican polls, Donald Trump is becoming that comedian who you keep coming across that repeats the same jokes over and over and over again. Trump’s arsenal of one-liners are stale and he is in desperate need of new material to reinvigorate his campaign. So what does a multi-billionaire do when the going gets tough? He gets booked on Saturday Night Live! This weekend Trump will take his act to SNL on NBC. That’s right the same NBC that fired him from TheRead More

Natalie, do you believe me now??

Just a note to convince a certain chick from LA who attended a liberal IVY league school that it’s me….