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The video below of a white lady strutting through urban areas in New York while minority men “harass” her has gone viral. The woman has been identified as Shoshana B. Roberts, a pretty actress with a big ass – this is evident in the video and through still pictures in her modeling porfolio. Shoshana is a hired gun for a guy named Rob Bliss who joined a non-profit organization called “Hollaback!”that solicits donations to fight the “war” against men “harassing” women. That’s right, a guy has decided to start a campaign to profit from while piggy backing on the “domestic violence” hot topic that has dominated the news the past couple of months. Since this video has gone viral and has been featured on all the news stations and cable shows I think someone has to point out how ridiculous, racist, and classist this dumbASS experiment was. Although the video only shows minority men, the video-maker wants us all to believe that “catcalling” is an epidemic everywhere.

What’s interesting in this video is that Shoshana – who I presume is Jewish- doesn’t stroll through Borough Park which is a predominately Jewish community nor does she stroll through Wall Street or Manhattan neighborhoods like Chelsea or Meatpacking. Shoshana chooses to shake her ass while walking through minority urban neighborhoods.

Anyone familiar with New York City can see that her walk is through urban neighborhoods. This is clearly evident by the minority men sitting in folding chairs on sidewalks. In the pic below you see her walking by a store called Jimmy Jazz. Jimmy Jazz is an urban department store franchise popular in Brooklyn. The only Jimmy Jazz in Manhattan is in Harlem. So why did Shoshana pick Harlem to walk through? Was she convinced that Jews in their neighborhood or that white guys in one of the many new hipster communities won’t comment on how she looks? Are people with jobs on their lunch breaks on Wall Street too classy to say “hey mami” as she walks down Bond Street? Would visiting these neighborhoods destroy her theory?

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Let’s cut the shit and get right to the point, if you watch the video EVERY “catcaller” is a black or Hispanic in an urban neighborhood or at the Port Authority, which is probably the shadiest and filthiest place in NYC. So this experiment is not about “catcalling”- it’s about the behavior of certain minority men in their neighborhoods. Right, wrong, or indifferent this video is a clash of institutionalized culture with a white persons perspective in a very hasty unscientific experiment. Personally, cat calling aint cool but whats worse is exploiting minorities and presenting it as a universal problem. The root causes are deep and this video -whether consciously or subconsciously- made it a race or class issue. Where are the white men in this video? That simple.

Some behavior in this video is not excusable, and neither is the fact that many of them are hanging out on the streets when they should be working. I don’t make this assumption that they are hanging out on the streets from this video, I know this because I’ve seen it and the unemployment, crime rates, and government assistance in these ‘hoods support it. But that’s not the issue here. The issue here is how a white guy hires a white girl to shake her ass in Harlem and then says that there is a “catcalling” epidemic everywhere! That’s racist and classist and if the white guy and Shoshana had balls the title of the video would’ve been “Black and Hispanic men always try to hit up white girls with big asses when they walk through their neighborhoods”. But that wouldn’t get them any attention.

A majority of Black and Hispanic men like big asses. Not all – but a lot. Based on their culture, etiquette, and social class they have different ways of expressing their fondness for full derrières. The hip-hop culture which has a foundation rooted in urban areas has clearly illustrated the adoration of big asses by Black and Hispanic males through songs that successfully crossed over to the mainstream where everyone accepted this fact.

You may remember the literary genius Sir Mix-a-Lot who rapped “ I like big butts and I can not lie” in his chart topping song “Baby Got Back” in the 90’s. Currently, this song is sampled in the hit song “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj, who ironically has become a multi-millionaire by rapping about and shaking her BIG ass. Pitbull is another mainstream artist that first hit the charts with his classic “Culo” which means “ass” in Spanish. A line in this song is “esta tan linda, esta tan rica, tiene tremendo CULO!” which translates to “this one’s so pretty, this one’s so good, and she has a tremendous ASS!” . Aging big ass Jennifer Lopez recently got together with the famous big as of the day, Iggy Azalea, and recorded a song called “Booty”. The video is a must see for ass lovers. There are many, many, other hit songs that tribute the big ass and I’m sure you can find a top 10 list of them on Google.

The point is that society has accepted that the big booty can be rapped about, sang about, and generally admired openly. As Shoshana walks through Harlem, boys and men take the time to let her know how enamored they are with her gifts. That’s how these Harlem boys and men roll. Tacky? Yes. Classless? Yes. But that’s what they know and their culture promotes it. The entertainment industry accepted this and has made a fortune off it.

So in conclusion, if Shoshana and her dumbass organization want to make me believe that there is truly an epidemic of “catcallers”, go out and film it again outside of black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Otherwise your not-so hidden message is that all blacks and hispanics are tacky and classless….

PS- And construction workers don’t count because they are exempt. It’s a part of their job since they have been whistling at girls since Jewish slave girls fetched water for Jewish slave construction workers building the pyramids.

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3 Comments to buy me a rose lyrics

  1. Nick S. says:

    I am appalled by your writing. It clearly comes from a male perspective. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood this woman is walking in, men do not have the right to treat women like they are their property which is exactly what this video shows males doing. I would also like to point out there are white males in the video that catcall her as well, so your excuse that minority/urban men can catcall because of their culture is bullshit. The people that produce said culture, the music videos and songs, tv ads, and so on are dominated by a field of white men. Keyword being men. Like I said, I am truly disgusted by your response to this video, and what is even more disgusting is you trying to identify her own racial/ethnic background.

    • marcoreport says:

      Hey Nick A.) Please tell me exactly where she was treated as property as you state. B.) Please tell me exactly where in the video there is “cat calling” by white men since I’ve seen a few times and can’t locate them. C.) You get disgusted too easily and D.) Re-read the part where I say ” Right, wrong, or indifferent its a clash of institutionalized culture with a white persons perspective in a very hasty unscientific experiment. Why Harlem? Personally, cat calling ain’t cool but whats worse is exploiting minorities and presenting it as a universal problem. The root causes are deep and this video – whether consciously or subconsciously- made it a race or class issue.”…

  2. AL says:

    I just wanted to say that being a woman in her 20’s, I completely believe with what you are saying. I had the same reaction when I watched the video. Thank you for writing this post!

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