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Imagine this…You have a decent job with a good company and for the past 3 or so years you’ve dedicated yourself to mastering your trade with the hope of taking your skills to the next level. Your “3 or 5 year plan” is to get your bosses job or to get that job at another company. It’s the natural progression of a career if you have aspirations.

Fast forward 3 years and after busting your ass the day finally comes – there’s an opening for the job you want! Granted you know you may have to compete with others who have been working just as hard as you, but you’re prepared for the competition. Then the announcement comes and all of your aspirations are flushed down the drain. Your job was given to someone with absolutely no experience. Zero experience. Someone who the person hiring just feels can do the job based on his confidence in him. How messed up is that?

Unfortunately for the many assistant coaches hoping for the chance of finally attaining their dream job in the NBA another opportunity was lost today. The New York Knicks are hiring Derek Fisher today as the new head coach for a reported 5 year/25 million dollar contract. Fisher just retired from the NBA as a player a week ago. Last year, the Brooklyn Nets hired Jason Kidd as their head coach immediately after he retired as a player. It looks like point guards created their own monopoly and are landing on ‘go straight to Head Coach and collect 25 million’.buy Lyrica from mexico

Both Kidd and Fisher are natural leaders on the court and have demonstrated that as successful point-guards on winning teams. The position itself is played by someone who’s heady and who can make quick decisions during the game. It requires someone who helps control the speed of the game and takes the baton as he orchestrates his coaches’ instructions. For these reasons, anyone can make a sound argument that point guards should make great head coaches. But it is it wise to give them the job without them paying their dues as coaches? And for that much money?

There are assistant coaches throughout the NBA and college who continue to be overlooked and if the hiring retiring point guard trend continues, their futures don’t look too bright. Aging guards like Steve Nash and Tony Parker are candidates that can bypass all those years of assistant coaching and step right in the role of the Big Boss. While assistant coaches like Ed Pinckney, Bob McAdoo, and Patrick Ewing keep plugging away hoping to get their chance. By the way do you think it’s just a coincidence that McAdoo, Pinckney, and Ewing all played center? Are centers being discriminated against?? Hmmmm?

Ironically, legendary head coach Phil Jackson who hired Fisher was a very tall power forward who played some center. But yet, his short list of candidates for the Knicks head coach position had names like Steve Kerr, Brian Shaw, Fisher, Tyronn Lue, and Ron Harper. They were all point guards. There was no mention of one of the greatest Knicks ever, Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing has been paying his dues as assistant coach since his retirement and is yet to get a chance as a head coach. I don’t know why Ewing hasn’t been given a chance to be a head coach, but it’s clear that he has displayed a commitment towards becoming one. That in itself speaks volumes. How much worse a gamble could it be to hire Ewing over someone who has NO coaching experience at all? Wouldn’t it make sense to hire him with the experience he brings and hire someone like Fisher as an assistant so that he can learn the art of coaching? If Ewing doesn’t work out, Fisher can then step in with some coaching experience under his belt. I think one thing we should keep in mind is that a point guard doesn’t necessarily make a great head coach. Arguably 2 of the greatest point guards ever- Magic Johnson and Isaiah Thomas- both failed as head coaches.

The trend just a few years back was to hire coaches who never even played in the NBA and that has produced some good results. Gregg Popovich, Erik Spoelstra, Frank Vogel and Tom Thibodeau never played in the NBA and all made the playoffs this year. Someone gave these guys a shot although they never experienced the game as a player. Someone thought that they put in enough time learning the trade to give them a chance.

If you take in consideration that Ewing has been an assistant coach paying his dues just like these guys were and then add in the fact that he played in the NBA for 17 years – shouldn’t Ewing have an edge?

In the beginning of this post I asked you to imagine how it would feel if someone with no experience jumped right over you for a job you wanted and compared it to what’s going on in the NBA. I want to take that all back now because the NBA isn’t really the real world. It’s its own place where money flows in steadily and decisions are made without referencing any handbook. Congrats to Derek Fisher! You deserve it! (not really).

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