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In the past couple of weeks, there have been over 60,000 diplomas awarded to college graduates just in the Northern NJ and New York City area. Congrats to them all and welcome to the real world! You have every right to walk a few inches taller and your family and friends have the right to boast about your accomplishment. buy Lyrica from mexicoI know I felt like ‘my shit didn’t stink’ when I was asked to stand at my graduation at the ‘IZOD Center aka Brendan Byrne Arena aka Continental Airline Arena’. Seeing my Mom and Dad who flew in from Tampa waving at me from the upper tier made it an even better moment. Graduations are special moments where a person’s effort, resilience, ambition, and drive are recognized and rewarded. But unfortunately for many who will have trouble finding a job it can be the official start of HELL!

Colleges have lost some of its prestige recently and have become more like corporations with a huge customer database of students. They take every opportunity to profit from their students from parking tickets; to expensive useless books; expensive housing; and tuition. Students continue to invest thinking that the pot of gold is just credits away. Colleges know that and increase the student body size year to year. They’ve become less selective when accepting a student which minimizes the competitive nature of the college experience. The federal government gives colleges 1.5 billion dollars a year on behalf of students, yet college tuition have increased way past inflation rates. Of course that forces many students to take out loans, borrow from families, and some have been known to dance on poles to raise some cash. What really sucks is that these colleges have no reason to stabilize cost if the government is paying them and students MUST pay. I say “must” because the colleges have the right to drop you from class at any time and hold back the release of your records if you don’t pay. Also helping the colleges assure that they will have a constant revolving door of students is the fact that our politicians and President keep having speeches that powerfully stress how important it is that everyone seeks a higher education in this new global economy. cheap flights lyrics
Really?? So what is the plan for the 60,000 plus graduates that just got their diplomas in the NY/NJ area this week? I read the paper routinely and I do not see 60,000 job ads in the Sunday New York Times. And if politicians are really so immersed in making sure everyone goes to college, why are you making it so easy for corporations to outsource so many jobs? I personally had to give pink slips to 20 hardworking Americans and replace them with 20 hard to understand Indians. Of course that was not my decision and I wasn’t thrilled about it. My company as a whole has over 300 Indians employed and another 100 or so offshore consultants. And since I’ve taken the trip to India a few times now I can state with first-hand knowledge that these people are not that impressive. They are not out-of-the box thinkers and are lazy. Besides that, the cost savings is not that relevant now that they have copied our western ideals and are seeking competitive wages.

So what we have here is a huge fuckin problem that ain’t going away any time soon. Colleges and our government are in collusion to make sure as many students as possible attend college. As each year passes we are welcoming new degree-holding candidates into the job market as jobs continue to leave the US. The pressure of paying back student loans will send many to bankruptcy and desperation. Meanwhile, for those who do get jobs the government collects the loans and interest by using the IRS to freeze your tax refund or by garnishing your salary. Jobs in the low paying service-industry are given to illegal residents or new immigrants to make sure wages remain low. So someone with a Bachelor’s flipping burgers isn’t going to get those student loans paid. As crazy as it sounds the fix here might be moving to other countries once you graduate. Corporations like GOOGLE have opened offices throughout Europe and India. How sad is it that a really possibility for an American to get a decent job may actually require you to leave America in the near future. Good Luck graduates!!!

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