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Secretly recorded videos that pop up almost weekly showing police officers using excessive force and abusing their power are ALL fakes. They are filmed in a Hollywood studio next to the stage where the landing on the moon was filmed. All cops are kind, generous, and definitely not racist.

The comments above apparently are what staunch tunneled-vision advocates for PBA members all over the country would like you to believe. Moments after a police brutality video hits the internet the usual cast of pro-cop talking heads invade CNN and Fox to tell us that there has to be more to the story. They rattle out every excuse possible to defend the actions of the police officer that are being questioned. “It is impossible to believe what you are seeing without knowing more to the story” they keep repeating like a parrot stuck in stupid.

Police brutality videos are being released so frequently that there are enough of them to hold an annual PoPo Award Show that will give out awards like ‘Best Illegal Chokehold’. If that show and award existed we were introduced to a surefire nominee this week. This week’s video stars P.O Ben Fields – an obvious WWE Wrestling fan who chooses a teenage female student to practice his moves on. The talking heads want you to believe that something egregious must’ve happened in order to make the saintly Police Officer attempt a choke hold on the teenage girl before flipping her over while she was seated. She must’ve done something to make him drag her across the floor. The only thing missing in the video is the police officer jumping from the teacher’s desk to land an elbow. But yet, a seated teenage girl who is undeniably NO THREAT to the police officer somehow had to do something that wasn’t caught on film.

So why do cops keep getting caught abusing their power in these videos? Common sense would lead you to believe that police officers will respect the law and behave like civil human beings in this new age of technology. However, some just don’t get it. In this case, the officer realized that another student filmed his match and continued his abuse by arresting her. Jesus, even Rick Flair walked out of the ring when he knew he went too far! By now, you should be asking yourself how did this man become a cop and why hasn’t he been arrested?

The answer to that is pretty simple. Police Officers are a part of a judicial system where ‘innocent until proven guilty’ rarely gets the chance to be tested. A system that has to be changed because too many of them are literally getting away with murder. By the way, P.O. Ben Fields has escaped prosecution from other police brutality allegations in the past because there wasn’t sufficient evidence.

Now this is the part where I tell you that I respect most cops and that I love my family members and great friends that are cops (and if some of you ‘cops can’t do no wrong’ advocates don’t believe me, I really don’t give a pizza rat’s ass). All of my cop family members and friends do what they do to raise their families and because they once desired to carry a gun and enforce laws. I know for a fact that whatever their initial reason was to become a cop, that today some do it to protect the peace while others do it for a paycheck. In other words cops are not robots sent from heaven. Some are good; some are bad; some remain focused; and some lost their way. And yes, some are racist. So I get a little frustrated every time I see a talking head justify what a cop did or read posts on Facebook about how cops put their lives on the line and deserve nothing but respect. You people aren’t getting it! Yes I know you love your brother, father, sister, or mother who happens to be a cop and I appreciate you respecting what they do. I do also, but this “blue wall of silence’ that extends to family members has got to go. Does every fuckin priest make a good baby sitter? Is every fuckin politician a man of the people? No!! And cops are not infallible either.

When blacks protest against a cop who brutally uses excessive force they are not protesting against the entire policing community. They are protesting against an immoral institutionalized part of our government that has operated freely under the protection of “it’s their word against ours”. Of course this does NOT apply to the thugs in places like Ferguson who were just opportunists and criminals. It’s clear Michael Brown was a thug and that that city was full of Michael Browns. Nonetheless, cell phones and technology has now challenged the rules and a policing renaissance is necessary. Clearly bodycams on cops is one example of a tool that has to be implemented in order to prevent abuses.

A couple of days ago, FBI Director James Comey stated that he believes crime is rising in much of the nation because cops have stopped policing because they fear that they would get caught doing something bad on film. Whether or not that statement is true can only be decided if cops honestly tell you that they have stopped fighting crime on purpose. Good luck with getting them to answer to that.

Personally, I feel that there is definitely some validity to this in certain areas of our country. Earlier this year cops stopped writing tickets in New York City to protest Mayor DiBlasio’s anti-cop ideologies and the lost revenue was very noticeable. They have since got back to writing bullshit tickets once their bosses explained how those tickets pay for all of the city’s bloated bureaucracy. In any event, the obvious reaction to Comey’s allegation should be that cops shouldn’t be worried about getting caught doing something on film unless they are doing shit they shouldn’t be doing. So Comey’s comment clearly admits that the system is broke and that cops are not comfortable with the new microscope they are under.

Lastly and obviously, bad cops and their loyal fans are not the only issue with crime. People kill each other daily in urban towns and cops are not doing the murdering. These criminals are thugs that don’t value human life. Unfortunately many cops have to become a part of that fucked up world to do their jobs and in doing so they become desensitized. So desensitized that they may carry that persona to all of their calls and become assholes.

I’ve seen it happen and I’ve been victim to it as a teen. Policing is not a fine art. It’s a constant study of cultures; generations; ideologies; economics; and street smarts. I just read that this asshole cop Officer Fields just got fired. That satisfies the news cycle but does nothing to address the underlying issues. A few months ago a cop that man-handled a black teenage girl in a bikini was also fired and we haven’t heard a word since about actions taken on a large scale. You can’t fix a problem by concentrating on just one thing. You have to dissect every element of the problem and cops thinking they can do wrong is a small part of the problem.

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