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Last night (or rather very early this morning) became one of those moments. A moment in history that you know will change the world we live in; like the moment Kennedy was assassinated is to my parents or like the moment the towers fell is to me. Years from now inquisitive sons and daughters may ask us “do you remember where you were when President Trump was elected?” I have my answer.

I was dead tired at home Facebooking at 3am and shocked that it was really happening. The shock was more related to the realization that he pulled it off. I knew he would (see my article back in May), but there was still a sense of bewilderment because the mainstream media, big time celebrities, big time politicians, and the ruthless Democratic Party were relentlessly trying to stop him all the way to the very end.

The media didn’t want to make the call and Hillary Clinton refused to concede. Instead, Hillary sent out her serial pouty-mouth e-mailer, John Podesta, to tell her adoring fans that waited all night “to go home” and “that the fight wasn’t over!” Obviously this wasn’t the case because the ink was dry on the ballots. Time wasn’t going to change what the American people demanded. Finally, shortly thereafter, Hillary called Trump and conceded without giving her fans immediate closure.

The career public-servant who amassed a multi-million dollar fortune was not prepared to admit defeat publicly and show her face. I kinda get why. She was the candidate that the Democratic Party spent hundreds of millions of dollars on while planning the sinister demise of anyone, like Bernie Sanders, who got in their way. They PICKED a woman who spent the last several years dining with Middle Eastern tyrants who gave her millions of dollars OR making secret 60 minute speeches to Wall Street banks for a mere fee of $245,000. Neither she nor anyone at the Democratic Party had the slightest concern of how the American public will react to this behavior. Why were they so clueless?

The answer is that her new found wealth corrupted her soul and perspective. She became invincible and never thought that the American public would someday resent her shenanigans. After all, her voting base was poor blacks, women, and Latinos who have always fell for her message of “hope” and government assistance, right? Well maybe some still have their head up their ass, but I would like to believe that many have become fed up with the 30 years of ‘all talk and no action’ sermons that the Democrats have preached.

Trump pulled the sheets and exposed it all. He revealed how the political elites and the media have joined forces to enrich themselves at our expense. Politicians and the media are so closely interconnected that many from each group are marrying members from the other. They then look out for each other by doing favors and hiring friends or family. And when they want more money, they have a threesome and invite Wall Street elites. It’s an exclusive orgy that is hard to penetrate since they control the information we receive. It took Trump to let the cat out the bag. So now that the orgy is coming to an end, what’s next?

First, Trump has to follow up on rebuilding our infrastructure. This is where he will prove that he is serious about helping those that were lied to and forgotten about by vote-hungry Democrats. Re-building our roads, airports, and buildings will create jobs in urban towns like Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis. This will boost the economy and help social issues. There is no doubt that poor economic conditions fuel racism and bigotry. The poorer people are the angrier and more bitter they get. That’s when they look for scapegoats or people that are different to unleash their pain on. So let’s stop selling “hope” and start giving them real jobs!

Affected people from other parts of the country that lost jobs to free-trade agreements and globalization are also looking for someone who’s different to blame. So it’s important that Trump gets corporations to re-patriot themselves by offering a lower tax rate. Jobs don’t cure real racism, but they go a long way towards making people happier. We have to believe that corporations will re-invest their profits and that trickle-down economics works. There’s no other option because we need jobs in America.

Look, I’m not an idiot and I know racism persists. It has never gone away. As America evolved our closet just got bigger and stored a whole lotta bad shit. This is why I think Trump can be the change we needed. His genius sorta sinister plan unlocked the closet and hate from the 60‘s started popping out!! Love him or hate him, Trump got to where he is today using the asshole approach and it now has America thinking.

A few years ago, a wise man told me that he preferred living as a black man down south because at least he knew where he stood there. He felt that blacks down South were better educated and had more opportunity compared to the north, where racism existed but was much more hidden. His point is a good one. Trump has managed to get racism exposed overtly and now we could face it up front together and decide where we stand. When all is said and done, I’m hoping he uses the biggest soapbox in the world to let Americans know that our color or religion is not the problem. I’m hoping his message is that the economy and opportunity are our real enemies.

I’m not going to get into our military, global warming, illegal immigrants and other important issues because I feel his priority should be unifying us as Americans. Although the Democrats rallying cry was that Trump is divisive, it was their party that categorized their base and tailored their recruitment tactics specific to what they thought the category wanted to hear. As an example, Hillary recruited Latinos by promising more “hope” and insinuating that Trump was the reincarnation of Hitler. That has been the Democrats game plan forever and their arrogance caught up to them. Simply not being Republican is no longer a viable campaign. America woke-up and is demanding more.

I’m not excusing Trump for being an asshole and at this time to it’s too obvious to point out all of his flaws. The man has proven that he can be a nasty buffoon. Now that he’s President I’m sure he won’t be barking about the wall going up or be heartless towards productive illegal citizens that have been here for a long time. He got the job and now he could be more diplomatic in achieving the end results. Today he is our President-Elect and he has a clean slate. It’s in all of our best interest to rally behind him and hold him accountable when he takes office. He’s reminded us that politicians are crooked and have to be kept in check, so it’s our obligation to hold him to high standards.

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