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EBOLA and ISIS are currently in a battle to gain the most media coverage. The media knows that they have a lot to gain by scaring the shit out of people with threats of incurable disease and beheadings. If they play their cards right they can run these stories for months. The media, which is controlled by the powerful elites, can control the behavior of citizens with their reporting. This can be rather lucrative over a course of time as the media sensationalizes their stories and subtlety convince people to take action based on their “facts”.

As an example, the media can report on what people should buy in order to avoid getting EBOLA. That directive on what to report can come from someone with power at the media outlet who is good friends with someone with power at a pharmaceutical company. The tradeoff is the media company getting people to buy the pharmaceutical stuff and in return the pharmaceutical company gives the media a kickback and buys ad space. I know, it sounds like a conspiracy theory and far-fetched. But think about it, isn’t that how the world exists? Don’t you refer business to friends who then surprise you with a gift or give you a discount when you use them?

Mainstream media is not a moralistic public service for the masses – it’s a capitalist enterprise! Don’t get me wrong ISIS is a legitimate threat but what makes them different than other enemies we have had throughout our history. The Russians during the Cold War is probably the most intense relationship we ever had and they rivaled our war power. Middle-Eastern terrorists didn’t just pop up out of nowhere and have been ruthless pain-in-the-asses for decades. The ISIS beheadings are barbaric and these monsters are ruthless, but beyond reminding us to be careful and diligent what does the scare tactics of the media accomplish? Should we all run out and buy guns? What is the media intent by reporting that ISIS is here and that they can chop your head off at any time while you’re commuting to work? After 9/11 it’s safe to say that we all live in an environment where we are cautious and keep an eye out for anything or anyone that looks suspicious. Our “alert stage” is permanently at its highest level regardless of whether CNN reports that the boogeymen are here every 20 minutes.

As far as EBOLA, the word itself is associated with words like “death”, “epidemic” and “fatal”. Truth is that the Ebola virus thrives in very poor underdeveloped African countries that have no access to modern day medicine and facilities. The man who died in Dallas was African and didn’t get the same treatment two Americans received last month. The 2 Americans who caught the virus last month in Africa were treated here in America. Both have been discharged and are now living freely among us. What the media does is take full advantage of the fact that most people believe what they say and that most people will act like sheep if told to. They also know what story will capture most people’s attention and for how long.

The historic mess that the NFL is going through this season has run its course and the attentiveness of Americans is fading. The media has now put the NFL on the back burner. There really is no reason to say vested in the NFL drama unless you have Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson on your fantasy team. Ultimately, the NFL is a huge powerful corporation with enough connections to fix whatever wrong they made and the public knows this. For example, you will see the NFL this month aggressively use their annual “Pink” campaign to bring attention towards breast cancer. After they write out some hefty checks to women causes no one will care that they didn’t have a strong domestic violence policy.

Another story the media capitalized on recently is the Ferguson shooting. The media is probably the biggest instigator of the aftermath after the shooting and they knew when it was time to get out. A racial story when fresh is enough to get everyone glued in and share their opinion. It’s an opportunity for the media to tap into their archived canned responses to address the “race” issue. Again, the media knows that this hot button topic loses its appeal pretty quickly once most people realize they have lives to lead and that the latest “race” incident isn’t worth the occupancy of their short attention spans.

My point here is NOT that the media doesn’t have an obligation to report, but that they frequently abuse their incredible power to control the minds of the masses for nebulous immoral reasons. Pointing this out may be a bit hypocritical since every blogger writes to be heard and I am guilty of sharing my opinion on the topics of the day. However, I don’t profit much and I’m not a part of the powerful elite.

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