Fans will decide if A-Rod gets 6 million


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NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez is now 1 homerun away from tying Willie Mays for 4th on the all-time home run list. At one point – not too long ago – the Yankee organization considered this a milestone and agreed to pay A-Rod $6 million when he hit his 660th homerun. Today, the Yankees have changed their mind and have stated that they will NOT pay A-Rod his $6 million dollar bonus because they feel A-Rod is not marketable.

To the fans this means that there would be no commemorative items sold or endorsed by the NY Yankees celebrating A-Rod’s feat. It also means that if A-Rod hits #660 in Yankee Stadium there will be no pause in the game to celebrate. NY Yankee announcers Michael Kay, John Sterling, and Suzyn Waldman who are always eager to raise their voices and celebrate any Yankee milestone ad nauseam will have to control their excitement. Any sign of the NY Yankees organization acknowledging A-Rod’s feat will undoubtedly force the Yankees to pay up after A-Rod sues them.

All that said, the stage is set for one of the most awkward moments in Yankee history – that’s IF A-Rod hits his next homerun at the house that is next to the site of “The House that Ruth built”. The NY Yankee organization has never shied away from earning an extra dollar so one has to wonder why they all of a sudden are passing up on a payday celebrating A-Rod’s 660th. This is the same team that knocked down a Historic Landmark to make more money at a new bigger stadium. The same team that held the longest retirement party ever for Derek Jeter by cashing in throughout the season. So why all the hate against a player that so far is the highlight of the Yankees’ young season? Revenge, that’s why.

A-Rod could be very hard to like. Personally, I’m sure I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of his cocky arrogance. I’m also sure I’m not the only who didn’t forget how he boldly claimed he was the victim of a witch hunt and how Major league Baseball was out to destroy him. Do you all remember how he threatened to sue MLB and how he swore he never took steroids? Remember how he hired lawyer Joe Tacopina after the 60 Minutes piece and how Tacopina threatened to sue anybody who smeared A-Rod’s good name? A-Rod’s arrogance was best displayed when he walked out of the arbitration hearing with MLB and then ran to do Mike Francesca’s radio show on WFAN. In case you forgot here is the video of A-Rod on Mike Francesca’s show claiming that he was 1000% innocent and shouldn’t be suspended “for one single inning”:

A-Rod repeatedly attacked the Yankees, MLB and the Players Association. He and Joe Tacopina accused Yankee President Randy Levine of conspiring with MLB to prevent the disgraced slugger from returning to baseball. Tacopina also told The New York Times in 2013 that the Yankees withheld an MRI during the 2012 playoffs that revealed Rodriguez had a torn labrum in his hip, hoping the injury would end his career.

It was obvious that cocky A-Rod and his wannabee gangster attorney thought they were bulletproof, until the FEDS had enough with his bullshit! All of a sudden when faced with prison Alex finally admitted to his drug use and started naming names behind closed doors. All of A-Rods flat denials in public up to that point revealed his real character. The guy’s a piece of shit. But he’s a piece of shit that can still produce on the ball field.

Once he sang to the FEDS A-Rod served out his year suspension in silence. He kept a low-profile all year hoping that everyone would forget how much of an asshole he and his attorney were when they thought they can get away with denying any steroid use.

This season A-Rod came back humbly and quietly hoping he can earn praise and avoid boo’s from fans. So far he’s done a pretty good job. He’s said all the right things and has done what matters most – hit the ball. Although he’s apologized to the Yankees and MLB behind closed doors, he’s yet to publicly apologize to Yankee fans for his ridiculous lies and own up to his steroid abuse. But fans aren’t as demanding as Yankee management. All fans are concerned with are wins and how well you produce TODAY.

Right now it’s ironic that the fans have 100% control on whether A-Rod gets his 6 million or not. The Yankees legal argument on why they shouldn’t pay A-Rod is that they feel he is no longer marketable and that his milestones are meaningless.

IF A-Rod hits # 660 at Yankee Stadium the fans will answer that question. Will the fans stand for minutes cheering as loudly as they can and demand a curtain call? Will they chant “A- ROD” loudly? Will they possibly chant “7-1-4!” which is the next milestone payout on his contract? If so, the Yankees will be writing out the check since it proves that the fans acknowledge the milestone. This also means that the fans would’ve bought tee-shirts and whatever other nonsense the Yankees came up with to commemorate the event.

So fans it’s really up to us. Do we forgive the liar and reward him with 6 million??

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

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