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As of tonight, a new ride-sharing company named LYFT will start doing business in New York City.  LYFT is an app that allows users to find drivers in the area who are able to take them to their destination for a suggested donation.  Their signature look or logo is having a pink mustache in front of the cars.

I’m not a fan of the mustache, but the reason I am instantly a LYFT fan is because they are defiantly debuting in NYC without the approval of NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission. That’s the government agency that regulates and makes a fortune off the yellow and green cabs that pollute the city.

As you can imagine, the taxi commission is threatening LYFT because they feel they should have to be regulated and pay the ridiculous costs that they impose to operate a taxi.

Just how driving a regular car by an average Joe has become a financial burden, the taxi business has become a government-backed monopoly.  In order to operate a cab in NYC you have to own a medallion which is now over ONE MILLION DOLLARS each.  In addition to that, the taxi commission hits you up with all kind of regulations that they enforce for extra revenue.

So now LYFT comes along and basically says “F#ck that! We aren’t giving in to your government greed!”  LYFT believes they are just hooking people up electronically from their smart phones and sharing rides for a donation.  As an added bonus, using the app will create fewer cars on the road and less pollution.  I’m down with that!

The government’s taxi commission has a lot at stake because they know this new trend will take off.  They created a huge money-making system with yellow cabs that is now threatened.  Unfortunately for them their money-making monopoly is in deep shit because of new age modern-technology that they weren’t able to predict.  Now they know how horse carriage owners must have felt after cars were invented!

One of the principles of capitalism in a fair-market economy is competition and change.  That said it’s hard to have sympathy for NYC losing taxi revenue because they created the abusive system in the first place. This is another good example of the government remaining a stagnant bloated bureaucracy instead of  making efforts and investments to keep up with the times.

Of course NYC is not accepting this technology and they have threatened to issue tickets and impound LYFT cars if they do business in NYC.  However,  LYFT is NOT backing down because they have a war chest of $250 million dollars to fight back with. They have told their drivers that they will pay any fines and get their cars back to them if NYC impounds them.

Our country needs more tax-paying businesses like LYFT to challenge the ridiculous greedy ways our government chooses to siphon every dollar individual citizens or businesses make.  I’m looking forward to following up on what appears will be a very interesting battle. Good Luck Lyft!!!!  If anyone needs a lift in the city here’s a link to Lyft’s site : buy Lyrica from mexico


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