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Growing up my favorite college basketball team was the St. John’s Redmen. One of my coaches as a kid, Dan Waddleton, played point guard for them and that connection made me a fan. For a short time I even tried shooting lefty jumpers to imitate my favorite player Chris Mullin. Of course as a kid I had dreams of becoming a Redmen. I knew that “Redmen” was another name for Indian and beyond that I didn’t care. Just like I didn’t care what a “Yankee” or “Giant” was. They just happened to be the names of my favorite teams.

Than in 1994 St. John’s decided to change its mascot name from St. Johns Redman to St. Johns Red Storm. I wondered what the big deal was. I found out that St. Johns on their own decided to change the name because “Redmen” was considered offensive to some American Indians. Ironically, St. Johns called their team ‘Redmen” because they wore red shirts and the name stuck. They were not named after Indians yet as a school of higher education they changed the mascot name to not continue the perceived discrimination against American Indians.

Anyway, I never got used to calling them the Red Storm and still don’t. They’ll always be the St. Johns Redmen to me. I don’t think recalling my favorite basketball team the name it had until 1994 is insensitive or racist. It was just a mascot or team name and I never associated as an insult towards Native American Indians.

Today the US Patent Office just canceled the ‘Washington Redskins’ trademark because it deemed it offensive and it got me thinking. I personally don’t think that “Washington Redskins” is racist but after reading about what the word “Redskins” means to Indians, I can see how they might have been offended. All it took for me to realize that its offensive is to imagine teams named The New York Spics, The Dallas Coonboys, or The Brooklyn Guidos. The Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is a Jew so my suggestion to him is to imagine a team called the Miami Kikes. Too racist??

I think what’s important here is to respect the opinion of the people who are offended personally. For example, I don’t care if Bob Costa does a 5 minute speech of how insulting the word Redskins is because he is not a Native American Indian. However, if actual Indians who still value their culture are offended then change the fucking name! Give them a break! I don’t think Dan Snyder is in a position to tell native Indians what terms they find offensive. And the fact that the Washington Redskins have been around for 80 years doesn’t make it right. We didn’t get around to ending segregation until 1964 so because something lasted a long time doesn’t make it a good excuse to exist. Especially as a Jew Snyder should have some compassion for people that were tortured and killed while their conquerors took their land.

Snyder is concerned about all the money that he feels will be lost with the rebranding caused by a new name. The Washington Bullets changed their named to the Wizards in the same city simply because Washington was full of crime and they wanted to make a positive change. The team still exists and is profitable. Washington is still full of crime but you can’t blame it on the Washington Bullets now.

What’s also interesting is that if the US Patent Office officially found ‘Redskins” to be racially offensive and Dan Snyder doesn’t change the name, shouldn’t Commissioner Roger Goodell start thinking about banning and ousting Snyder for being a racist? After all, the US Patent office is a little more credible than a money hungry ho with a tape-recorder.

I don’t even think the issue is whether “Redskins” is racist or not. There are many teams that celebrate Indians like The Cleveland Indians, The Kansas City Chiefs, Florida Seminoles, Golden State Warriors and many more. We got to remember that all of these teams selected those names as a badge of honor and it’s actually a compliment to Indians. Redskins, on the other hand, hits a nerve and the issue is that actual Indians find it insulting for legitimate reasons that have to do with how the word was used negatively in history.

I’m not a fan of giving in to being politically correct or of our government messing with freedom of speech, but I think this is more of a moral issue. Just change the name to Washington Skins and say you’re naming your team after your favorite TGIF appetizer. Problem solved.

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