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For the past week hackers have released all kinds of illegally obtained confidential information retrieved from Sony Pictures databases. The FBI is investigating the cyber-attack and many speculate that the government of North Korea is involved. The guess is that North Korea is acting in retaliation to the upcoming film “The Interview,” which parodies its leader Kim Jong Un. The movie stars James Franco and Seth Rogen who play characters that score an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The CIA then approaches the pair and convinces them to assassinate Kim Jung Un during the interview. Funny stuff – unless your Kim Jung Un.

In any event, the hackers have released very embarrassing and sensitive Sony Pictures material. They have published salaries; leaked movies; and leaked a trove of emails. Some emails between Sony executives insult actors and directors, like one executive calling Angelina Jolie a “minimally talented spoiled brat”. However, it’s my opinion that the most damaging emails released were racist remarks by two of the most powerful people in Hollywood who happen to be Jewish.

In the emails Amy Pascal (Sony Pictures co-chair) and Scott Rudin (Sony Producer) exchange banter about what they should talk about when they meet President Obama at a fundraiser. The two of them go back and forth suggesting what they should say to Obama and then decide they would ask him what movies he likes. Out of the endless list of movies to select, they try to outdo each other by listing “black” movies such as “Django”, “12 Years a Slave”, “The Butler”, “Think Like a Man” and “Ride Along”. Rudin ends the wisecracks by stating “I bet he likes Kevin Hart”.

Since the release of these racist mails, Pascal has released the standard apology admitting that the insensitive comments were “inappropriate but are not a reflection of who I am”. Um..,yeah, right.

“The content of my emails to Scott were insensitive and inappropriate but are not an accurate reflection of who I am. Although this was a private communication that was stolen, I accept full responsibility for what I wrote and apologize to everyone who was offended.” – Amy Pascal

Note how she stresses that it was a “private communication that was stolen” as if it exonerates her from being racist because she was racist in private. The same argument that the LA CLippers owner Donald Sterling used unsuccessfully. It’s interesting though how EVERYBODY went after Sterling for his private remarks with his ho. Here we have two respected powerful elites and no one is calling for their heads.

Why isn’t Obama slamming one of his biggest donators in Hollywood? Last week, Obama appointed another one of his Hollywood donators to the position of Ambassador to Hungary. That person was the producer of the TV soap opera “The Bold and The Beautiful” with no political experience. Senator John McCain was very outspoken against this appointment and explained why he thought it was wrong to appoint a TV producer as an Ambassador to Hungary.

I’m sure Obama feels a bit like a fool now knowing what his Hollywood donators really think of him.

In a time where blacks are protesting perceived injustices I find it mind-boggling how black entertainers aren’t outraged and boycotting Sony while calling for the resignation of Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal. Sterling was forced to sell his team when his gold-digging girlfriend leaked out “insensitive” private conversations. What’s the difference here? And what’s up with powerful Jews being so racist?

I find it interesting that these Hollywood racists are Jewish – Jewish people with a LOT of real power in the media. Jewish people who acts as liberals and donate to liberal causes, but only reveal their true colors behind closed doors (or in private emails or conversation).

Just yesterday, a major news story was that Hallmark Cards had to recall wrapping paper intended to celebrate Hanukkah because a small part of the design resembled a swastika. As you can see there was no major protest, Jews spoke and Hallmark reacted- now, that’s power!
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There is no argument that the Holocaust was real and one of the greatest tragedies of all-time that exposed the evil man is capable of. To their credit, Jews react to any perceived sign of racism towards them regardless of how relevant or irrelevant others think it might be.

This is why Amy Pascal’s racist email is alarming. Pascal is a member of many Jewish Organizations that make sure Jews are respected and honored. She is also ranked one of the “Most Powerful Woman in the World” by Forbes Magazine. Yet, we now know that she is clearly an undercover racist. How can Jewish people expect the respect they deserve as a people when they are not compassionate towards the respect Blacks deserve? Where is the outcry to have Rudin and Pascal immediately fired by Sony?

Her studio is releasing the “Black” version of the movie “Annie” this month and this is a great opportunity for Al Sharpton, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z and other black celebrities to boycott Sony by boycotting the movie. But don’t kid yourselves, that won’t ever happen! It won’t happen because a lot of black entertainers have personal financial stake in Sony. They are making millions and won’t dare mess with revenue stream from Hollywood. Instead they would like us to protest the murders of black men involved in police altercations although our justice system made its decision via jurors.

Whether you think the justice system was right or wrong – our justice system reached its decision. Yet, protesters loot and cause traffic without any real demands because the Sharptons of the world tell them to. The only demand that can be requested is re-inventing our Grand Jury system and Sharpton knows that’s not realistic. Yet he adds fuel to flames because it benefits him personally.

Meanwhile in Hollywood, there is now a situation where you can legitimately protest and make real demands because you have real power. Issues of race have always been argued about in Hollywood, which has been criticized for not giving minorities enough opportunities for work, and for not doing enough to represent Blacks, Latinos and others in films and television shows. There’s now an opportunity to get rid of millionaire powerful Hollywood racists who hid behind fake liberal personas. Blacks have real power because Sony is a private corporation that relies on sales and targets the black community. Sony sells music, movies, electronics, etc. and the urban market (as they call it) is a lucrative one. If Sharpton and celebrities are truly interested in civil rights and racism, I expect to see a march in Hollywood immediately and a boycott of Sony’s movie “ANNIE”. But I ain’t holding my breath because it’s all about the money, money, money…..and It’s really not that much of a hard-knock life for Sharpton and some celebrities.

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