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MarcoReport is a forum wherein Marco and his guest writers share their opinions on hot topics of the day.Along with sharing personal essays; poetry; and anything else we feel may interest you!

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The “OscarsSoWhite” boycott has inundated the internet with hateful remarks, due to the alleged racism that black people like Spike Lee claim is oppressing black actors and actresses. Multi-millionaire couple Will and Jada Smith also chimed in with racist claims simply because black actors were not nominated in acting categories this year.

The topic continues to be debated and has become a White vs Black battle focused on proving whether blacks are really discriminated against in Hollywood or overreacting.

In an effort to get a gauge of what people are thinking, I posted why I feel blacks may be overreacting and used the NBA and the Olympics as an analogy. My analogy was simple. This is what I posted:

SOME Blacks think diversity is exclusive to them albeit they have huge powerful representation throughout the entertainment business and politics. If you were to create an apple to apple analogy to this Oscar nonsense we could compare it to the NBA. The players in the NBA are almost exclusively black. Every four years the Olympic Committee selects the best of the best and rewards them by putting them on the Olympic team. The Olympic team is 100% black. Not one white guy. Are people supposed to boycott the Olympics because the team doesn’t represent America??? Or do we applaud the team because by coincidence it just happens that the best basketball players right now are black????

This comment received well over a thousand likes on various pages and quite a few nasty comments from people who would unsuccessfully argue that it’s not comparable. The reason their arguments were unsuccessful is because they either offered no substantial argument or were unwilling to accept certain facts to continue the debate.

People did not take my basketball analogy seriously because if they did, they would be admitting that there is a possible biological difference that allows blacks to be better basketball players. We are all being taught that we are equal and that anybody can do anything which is a bunch of BS. I mean c’mon EVERY kid across America plays basketball and wants to play in the NBA, yet the overwhelming number of players who make it are Black. However, that can’t be discussed in this PC world. Jimmy the Greek years ago argued that blacks are better athletes and CBS canned his ass. Giving consideration to white/black differences, a white person can argue that British white men (or even American white men) have a natural disposition to be great actors. Of course on occasion a black man will give a great performance just like on occasion a white man will perform great in the NBA. This year the actors that had the best performances happen to be white and the NBA all-star team happens to be exclusively black. But of course this argument will never be entertained by those seeking an agenda.

Putting that analogy aside, if Will Smith and Spike Lee really feel that Hollywood is racist why don’t they specifically get into detail and call-out exactly who is oppressing them in Hollywood? When they don’t and allege racism, the obvious backlash is the “white man keeping the black people down”. Spike and Will are being very irresponsible by being very vague with their allegations in an already tension-filled white vs black environment.

Who are these Hollywood racists? No one wants to take a minute to pinpoint exactly who the alleged “oppressors” are in this dumbass “Oscarsowhite” boycott. Is it racist southerners? Republican conservatives? KKK members?

Well it’s none of the above; and good luck on getting anyone who ever wants to work in Hollywood again to tell you who the real culprits are.

Hollywood is run by Jews. There, I said it.

Paramount studio top executives are Sumner Redstone, Jon Dolgenan and Sherry Lansing—all Jews.

The # 1 guy at Disney is Michael Eisner, #2 is Michael Ovitz, and #3 is Joe Roth – all Jews.

Miramax is owned by Harvey Weinstein – who is pretty much thanked in every speech at every award show. Yean, he’s Jewish also.

As far as talented agencies, the biggest ones like CAA, ICM, and William Morris are all headed by Jews.

From Metro Goldwyn Meyer (MGM) to Steven Speilberg, Jews have incredibly dominated Hollywood studios considering that they are a minority group in America. A feat that I truly admire them for!!

All that said, if Hollywood is oppressing Blacks and all the decision-makers in Hollywood are Jews wouldn’t that mean Jews are the oppressors?

Do you really think the Academy giving out Oscars, which is a by-product of Hollywood, is made up of KKK members??

Could it be that powerful “liberal” Jews are only liberal in disguise? Of course not, because if they are Spike and all these other crybabies would have to say that and then immediately kiss the future fortunes they plan on making goodbye.

I have nothing against the Jewish religion and the people that practice it. God Bless them for creating an industry that has enriched them. The point here is that celebrities like Spike, Will, and Jada are hypocrites who are inciting hatred and shining the spotlight on “white on black racism” knowing that it will only add fuel to a social environment that is quick to sensationalize the appearance of racism.
If they had balls they would call-out the studio heads and get to the bottom line.

C’mon Spike, do the right thing and find out why Jews are secretly hating on blacks.

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