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President Obama and his liberal cronies are urging Americans to open their hearts and welcome Middle East refugees to our country while they fail to fix the poverty and soon to be humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.

The cash strapped American commonwealth is running out of money and there is a high probability that they will not be able to pay a billion dollar debt due next month in January. President Obama has made it clear that he will not bailout Puerto Rico as he did General Motors and several banks in 2008 and 2009 (President Bush was the first to introduce the bailout program in 2007 but Obama enacted it and extended it).

Puerto Rico is in very bad shape. Crime is high; government jobs are being cut; government workers are not being paid; the sales tax is currently at 10.5% which is the highest in the United States and its territories; unemployment is twice the national average of mainland U.S and the current poverty rate is nearly double of that of our poorest state, Mississippi.

Feeling financial desperation, Puerto Rico has asked that the US extend Chapter 9 bankruptcy laws that are afforded to all American cities and states in order to protect them from creditors. They have had no luck with this request as Congress refuses to consider Puerto Rico on the same playing field as the 50 states. Some congressmen argue that extending bankruptcy to Puerto Rico is unfair to bondholders since they invested under the understanding that P.R. is not protected with bankruptcy laws. In other words, they are making sure that their lobbying investors get their money back. But I think something a little more sinister may be at play here…

As a reminder, Puerto Ricans are Americans by birth and are not immigrants – they don’t need a passport and can relocate anywhere in the US whenever they want. Another thing Puerto Ricans can do when they arrive at any of the 50 states is register to vote. Puerto Ricans can’t vote for President while in Puerto Rico, but they CAN register and vote for President as soon as they set up residence on the mainland. And recently that is exactly what is happening.

Due to the very high unemployment rate and financial crisis many from the island are relocating to the mainland for self- preservation. A high percentage is relocating to Florida – a state that many consider a “swing state” in Presidential elections. Remember “hanging chads” ?

Puerto Rico’s financial collapse can be attributed to corruption; the 2006 recession; the Jones Act of 1920; and President Bill Clinton curbing the corporate tax breaks that were central to the territory’s economy in the 1990s. President Clinton removing tax breaks from corporations that have since moved out is a major reason why unemployment is at 13% on the island. Once the corporations left Puerto Rico began to continuously borrow money to pay off debt. It is now ironic how Bill Clinton’s wife may benefit from his actions many years later.

Puerto Ricans like most Hispanics tend to vote Democrat. Once upon a time in Florida the Hispanic vote was centered on Cubans. That is no longer the case since over 1 million Puerto Ricans have settled in the Orlando area over the past 20 years.

The Republican Party has successfully recruited many Cubans who are believers in a smaller Federal Government and more personal accountability. The new fight is recruiting Puerto Ricans who are relocating because of financial hardships. Obviously the Democrats have the upper hand – especially if Donald Trump continues his drunk uncle impersonation.

The Democratic Party has always catered to the poor and expanded their base by promoting social programs. Typically, poor people and those in need will gladly exchange their vote for goods and services. The fact that our government would ignore its own people in Puerto Rico who are living in a financial crisis and concentrate instead on getting entry for Syrian refugees may be a little shady.

Is it possible that certain politicians are banking on the Puerto Rican economy to fail in order to garner Puerto Rican votes once the downtrodden relocate to places like Orlando, Florida?

Is it possible that Obama is welcoming refugees from the Middle-East in order to garner their votes and the vote of their sympathizers once they are eligible to vote?

Can the Democrats be manufacturing their party?

Nah, no way – disregard everything you just read in this post. I don’t know what I was thinking….

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