Hillary Clinton and the “Vagina Card”


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In 2016, Hillary Clinton believes that all women should vote for her to become President simply because they share the same genitalia. She is asking that all women put their education, common sense, and intellect aside and vote for her because God damn it, she has tits just like you!!

As ridiculous as that sounds her campaign and supporters are trying hard to guilt women into supporting her.

At a Clinton rally last week, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright stood inches away from Hillary and stated “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”. Hillary along with the crowd clapped vigorously in support of that notion. Really? Is Hillary suggesting that strong women like Condolezza Rice or Carly Fiorina who believe in a smaller federal government on various issues are going to spend eternity in flames? On second thought, since Carly is running for President does that mean Hillary will burn in hell for running against her? I think Madeline and Hilary didn’t think this out clearly. Of course Hillary will now say it was just a joke and people should chill, but we all know it really wasn’t.

Bernie Sanders has taped into Democratic progressives by taking a more stubborn stance towards socialism and since Hillary is more moderate she is starting to panic. You can see this as she is now altering some of her views and talking more about assisting the poor and going after Wall Street (even though Wall Street firms pay her millions for motivational talks). Now that she lost the New Hampshire primary she has to pull out all stops and play the “Vagina Card”.

Another famous Clinton supporter, Gloria Steinem, who led the women’s movement 50 years ago, went on record to defend Hilary’s lack of female support by saying that young women are supporting Bernie Sanders just to meet cute liberal dudes. Wow, this is the same lady that became famous for fighting for equal gender equality. Gloria Steinem ranted for decades about women being just as talented, smart, and able as men; and now she feels that women are too dumb to make political decisions because they are boy crazy!! As someone who is claiming to be PROGRESSive, Hillary should’ve have immediately dismissed Gloria Steinems’ comment because it isn’t PROGRESS – but she didn’t.

Hot actress Emily Ratajkowski did take a stand and posted a tweet confirming that she is backing Bernie but NOT for the boys. emily

As Hillary panics, I know what she’s thinking. Back in 2008 she lost to Barack Obama because he was able to rally black and liberal votes simply because he was black and making history by becoming the 1st Black President (really half-black so the full-black record still stands). Hillary is now thinking she can have the same success if she convinced women to vote for her because she is a woman and will make history by becoming the 1st Female President. However, there is a big difference. Obama was an unknown when he ran in 2008. He was a young 1st term senator selling “Hope” and “Change”. Hillary is an old career politician selling “Lies” and “Deceit”.

Personally, as someone more in line with Republican ideals I’m more concerned with Hillary becoming President and then having 4 years of hell on earth. So Ladies, please, please, please don’t dummy up for Hillary.

PS-Here’s a bonus pic of Emily!


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