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If you go back to 2008 you may recall that Barack Obama ran for President by blaming everything bad in this world on President Bush and promising to end the war in Iraq. One thing that can’t be argued is that when Bush left office the war in Iraq was won and all Obama had to do was sustain our success. In 2011 after we spent billions of dollars and lost thousands of American lives, Obama pulled all of our military out of Iraq. We turned our military operation over to American contractors who were in charge of training the Iraqi military. Getting our soldiers home safely is always a home run, but the question is did we do all we can to make sure we left Iraq stabilized and better than when we got there?

Yesterday, hundreds of Americans had to be evacuated from Iraq because the Islamic terrorists are back and bolder than ever. Clearly, the reason Obama sent planes to Iraq yesterday to rescue Americans is because the last thing he wants is an American taken hostage after the incredible blunder he made last week. Obama knows damn well that now that Islamic radicals are aware that America negotiates with terrorists, every one of those radicals in Iraq is praying to the fucked-up God they believe in that they come across and capture one of us (and before somebody takes offense I am referencing the God that these radicals worship and the one they claim sends them messages). Thank you Obama for making us all potential chess pieces in a game that the whole world knew we never played until you decided to negotiate with terrorists.

So the answer to whether Obama had our military pull-out and leave Iraq a stabilized country is clearly NO. Today, Iraq is at war again. Turn on CNN and you could first-hand see the atrocities that the Islamic radicals are doing to their own people. Since we left, Iraqi leaders that we helped put in place asked us to help them by performing air strikes on these radical groups since they knew that they were in trouble. It has been well-documented that Obama told them we wouldn’t get further involved and that they were on their own. That is something that Obama is regretting today now that the radicals are taking over Iraq. Ironically, Iraq is in so much trouble today that we more than likely have to get involved and send some bombs now. I’m sure we won’t send boots on the ground but I think the air strikes are coming; especially since all of the oil fields in Iraq are in danger of being taken over by the radicals. By the way, I predict that gas will be up to $5.00 gallon next week because of what’s going in Iraq. Exxon and Shell are the only people who love this chaos because it gives them a reason to spike gas prices. Here is a clip of a press conference Obama just had an hour ago where he is trying to save face:

Another result of Obama not helping Iraq when they asked is that they were so desperate that they asked Iran for help and Iran came through. So now Iran comes off as a hero while we look like the bad guys who fucked up their country and then left them stranded. Needless to say, Obama is having a bad couple of weeks. A couple of bad weeks that can lead to years of misfortune for our country.

I don’t hate President Barack Obama. Based on his many interviews, press, conferences, and talk-show appearance, outside of politics he seems to be a cool down-to-earth guy. He obviously has no shortage of charisma and appears to have a good sense of humor. However – and this is a big however- I despise his politics and the fact that he continues to destroy our country and continues to put the security of every American at risk. After he was elected in 2008 I chilled and was cautiously optimistic about his presidency since it was clear to me that he lacked the experience to be President. His political career consisted of being a first-time senator who was in the middle of his first term. Before that he was a highly-educated local political activist in Chicago which is one of the shadiest political cities in America. In my opinion he had no business running for President but the liberals thought he was the messiah that will lead our country to the promise land. Instead we got great speeches and promises with no real action. Clearly he wasn’t ready for this gig.

When it comes to foreign policy Obama has none. He’s confused and keeps fucking up big time. He just talks and talks. When Syria started their civil unrest, he had a press conference and drew a “red line” telling Syria’s dictator Assad that he better step down and stop killing his people or else. 3 years later and Assad is still running his country and killing his people! When Iranian citizens hungry for democracy protested their government we stood still and did nothing. 300 Nigerian children get kidnapped by a growing Islamic terrorist group and the weapon we choose to attack the terrorist with is a sharpie magic marker and a piece of paper. Two months later, the girls are still kidnapped and they kidnapped another hundred since. And now we have to deal once again with Iraq because we pulled out hastily and left them stranded.

Something that we should remember is that Obama’s opponent in 2008 was Senator John Mccain who had tons of foreign policy experience and was very vocal about making sure that we don’t leave Iraq in a mess. And in 2012, Obama’s opponent was Mitt Romney who made it clear that Russia wasn’t the good guys they pretended to be and will become a problem. Obama laughed at that one and guess who turned out to be right?

Obama’s big thing now is winding down the war in Afghanistan and pulling out all of our troops. I hope he now uses Iraq as a learning lesson and makes wiser decisions. If you ask any American if we want our American boys and girls home safe the answer will be “of course”. However, we can’t completely turn our back as radicals beef up their militia and start terrorizing the world. We want to make sure all of our soldiers are safe but we can’t forget about the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice. Letting groups like al-Queda and the Taliban re-group devalues all of the efforts Americans made.

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