Is the Working Man a Sucka??


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NBC aired a live star-studded telethon last night to honor “Red Nose Day”. Red Nose Day is an annual fundraiser event that has been taking place in London since 1988. The aim of this inaugural United States version is to raise money that will be distributed to various “non-profit” organizations like the United Way and OXFAM.

While watching the show I couldn’t help but notice the impressive showing of A- list celebrities that participated in this telethon. One after another they looked into the camera and made their case as to why we should stop what we’re doing, pick up the phone, and make a donation to help poor people all over the world. They spoke with passion as if they were enlightened and empathetic to the plight of poor people.

Then the actor/comedian Jack Black took over the screen and introduced us to an orphan in Africa who lives on the streets. Black’s piece was filmed in Africa. He hung out with the kid for an entire day to get a glimpse as to what it’s like to be an orphan boy roaming the streets eating out of garbage. There’s no denying that the piece was powerful enough to evoke sadness if you’re a caring human-being. And in case the images weren’t powerful enough to stir your emotions, the piece added sad music to make sure it did. Jack Black made Sally Struthers proud. There was another piece where actress Michele Rodrigues went to Peru and that was equally sad.

After these heart-wrenching pieces the cavalcade of A-list stars continued. It got to the point that I finally thought, “Wait a minute – why the fuck are they acting like Mother Teresa and begging for my $10? How much money are these Celebrities worth?”

If someone goes on TV to solicit money from others to help people in dire need, shouldn’t they personally do their best to support their cause? After all it wouldn’t make sense for someone like Jack Black to cry and beg for donations and then go back home to one of his mansions in a private jet, right?

Towards the end of the show Today Show weatherman Al Roker reported that they had successfully raised about 10 million dollars. Not bad for a day’s work of donating by hard working Americans. But what is 10 million compared to the net worth of some of these A-List celebrities begging for our donations? I took the time to look up the estimate net worth of 20 of the celebrities that appeared on the show and it totaled 1.8 BILLION dollars!

10 million is chump change for these 20 celebrities! And this is without including Bill Gates who also appeared on the show. Here is the list of the random 20 celebrities I selected and their personal net worth:

Gwyneth Paltrow

Now someone explain to me how people who live ridiculously lavishly justify doing so while soliciting donations to help the poor? If they are so consciously enlightened wouldn’t they give away most of their fortune and keep enough just to live comfortably?

I won’t even get into the fact of how greedy the NBC network hosting “Red Nose Day” historically is; how they avoided paying taxes when owned by GE; and how they pay their executives the GDP of some countries.

I am not in any way trying to make a case that there is something wrong with being filthy rich, because I believe there isn’t. The case I’m making is that filthy rich celebrities and corporations should stop brow beating the common man for donations by tugging on our heart strings unless they “walk the talk”.
Working-class people should stop falling for their bullshit. These celebs want good press and their egos padded at your expense. They want you to support their causes. They have the balls to ask you for money while the government squeezes every last dollar out of you by doing things like raising tolls; increasing transit fares; and allowing gas price manipulation.

I call bullshit on “Red Nose Day” and challenge every celebrity who tried to get me to cry watching starving kids to bring down their net worth to upper middle-class levels… and then donate the rest!

If you won’t do it – shut the fuck up and enjoy your opulent life!!

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