Jordan retaliates against ISIS – while Obama makes speeches and excuses.


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Just watched Obama’s 30 minute speech this morning and it’s clear to me he’s weak, gullible, and putting us all at risk. The world is littered with violence and our President is convincing us that we should all love each other. That’s a great message that should be taught by mothers, fathers, teachers, and religious leaders- but the President of the United States has to grow some balls and take action beyond words to finally eliminate ISIS and other terrorist groups that challenge us. His “kumba yah” attitude and unwillingness to accept the fact that radical Islam is closely knitted to all forms of violence throughout the world is dangerous and suspect. What is his real agenda?

ISIS has moved passed beheadings and are now placing people in cages before lighting them on fire so that they can burn to death. Meanwhile Obama compares ISIS to the Christian Crusades a couple of thousand years ago (watch the video). Why the comparison? Is Obama trying to somehow justify what ISIS is doing? If you listen to his speech you would think Americans are beheading Muslims and he’s telling us to stop. We have a pathetic leader who for some reason is hell bent on defending Islam as if they are being persecuted by Americans. They’re not! Radical Muslims are killing Muslims and anyone else that gets in their way.

On Tuesday, ISIS released a video of the Jordanian jet pilot who was burned alive. The fact that the man was a fellow Muslim meant nothing to ISIS. Jordan’s King Abdullah II was here in Washington, DC when the video was released and immediately flew back to his country. By the way, you may recall that the British Prime Minister immediately flew back to London when a Brit was beheaded by ISIS last year and that when an American was beheaded last year, Obama went to play golf with Michael Jordan.

In any event, King Abdullah tried to swap prisoners with ISIS to save the pilot’s life and ISIS didn’t accept even though it was their initial request. King Abdullah – unlike Obama- knows that ISIS is the lowest form of life led by men who are pure evil. Rather than hold a press conference to tell his people that love will persevere, he took action. Jordan in an effort to evolve had recently outlawed their death penalty but King Abdullah reinstated it to execute the ISIS terrorists he had in jail. He publicly executed 2 of them to let ISIS know that they will not entertain their reign of terror idly. He has now vowed to strike back, and already has launched airstrikes against ISIS over Syria in response. Reports from the Middle East said the latest strikes killed 55 members of ISIS, including a senior commander known as the “Prince of Nineveh”. As I write this, CNN is reporting that Jordan is in full attack mode and striking ISIS targets. Abdullah gets it! You can’t treat terrorists with respect and negotiate with them. You have to strike back!! Obama negotiated with terrorists by swapping 5 of them in exchange for an American deserter and there are reports that the 5 are back to joining their anti-American terrorists groups.

When our American Embassy was attacked by Muslims in Lybia, Obama did nothing. Our Ambassador was brutally murdered and Obama made up excuses blaming an American who posted a dumb video on Youtube. Then Obama did what he thinks he does best – make a speech. In the speech he vowed the murderers will be caught and dealt with. It’s been 3 years and nothing!

In his six years in office, President Obama has demonstrated that he has no skills in international relationships and sucks as a war-time leader. He walked away from Iraq, lost Libya, erased his Syrian red line, allowed the Iranians to make a fool of him at the nuclear negotiating table and backed the Muslim Brotherhood over Sisi in Egypt. And that’s just the Middle-East, his failures with handling Russia and his do nothing approach to eradicate Boko Haram in Africa are also epic.

King Abdullah has no reason to believe that he can count on Obama so he is doing what he has to do to protect his throne and his country. I’m not a fan of monarchs that just happen to win the genetic lottery, but I will give this King credit for taking action, instead of making speeches.

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