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MarcoReport is a forum wherein Marco and his guest writers share their opinions on hot topics of the day.Along with sharing personal essays; poetry; and anything else we feel may interest you!

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“Kanye West is a piece of shit douche!” I’ve heard that and many forms of that statement a hundred times today – and I couldn’t agree more. The self – professed “God” is easy to hate because it appears that he wants to be hated. Why else would someone be so openly narcissistic?

In the era of “selfies” and people competing to have a lot of “friends” and “likes”, it’s safe to say that this new generation is narcissistic as a whole. This generation wants attention and wants to be “liked”. This is why guys run to post pics the minute an ab comes in and why girls turn around and post pics of their ass on instagram. The one rule people have however is that they don’t admit they are narcissist – they don’t want to admit that they care about how they are perceived. It’s nothing new and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with having a little confidence and wanting to be liked. Kanye West just takes it to a whole new level.

His ego is so big he had to find the most narcissistic female ho in the planet to marry. And the asshole is set out to convince the world that he is the greatest thing since sandals. Is his ego alone enough to dislike him? Yeah, I guess it could be annoying. However, what makes me really dislike the douche is that he has no respect for others while he seeks to take over the world. It’s one to thing to be an asshole saying self promoting things in interviews, but Kanye crosses the line when he ruins once in a lifetime moments of other people. Taylor Swift and Beck are both talented performers that I’m sure worked their asses off to excel at what they do and get recognized for it. It’s a shame that when they finally have their moment this egomaniac douchebag rains on their parade because he feels Beyonce should have won. Who the fuck does he think he is ?? God??… well actually yes, he does think he’s God but you get my point. This douche for some reason thinks he is the final judge and what he thinks is all that matters.

Here are 5 Kanye moments that prove he’s a douche:

5.) “George Bush doesn’t like black people”

Douchebag was at an event to raise money for Katrina victims and he seizes the opportunity to spread racism by accusing our President to be racist. Meanwhile, Bush hired Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powel to the 3rd and 4th most powerful positions in America. Douchebag rants and rants about nonsense to stir shit up and poor Austin Powers standing next to him is confused as hell. Who’s the real Dr. Evil in this video?

4.) “Yo Taylor I’m gonna let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time”

How about you sit your black ass down Douche! What the fuck did Taylor Swift do to deserve being humiliated by this punk? It’s called an award and the results were tabulated by Ernst and Young douchebag, so there was no cheating! If you want your own award show, start the “Beyonce Award Show” and have 2 hours of you giving her trophies.

3.) “Everybody stand up and praise me!”

Only a douche will force idiots who paid money to see him to stand. And the asshole shames people in wheelchairs while doing so. The only reason I will ever attend his concert is if I get a front row seat where I can sit down and read the newspaper in front of him while he performs.

2.) “Beck should’ve gave his reward to Beyonce”

This interview is ridiculous because he actually says that Beck should’ve returned the Grammy and gave it to Beyonce. Once again douche is imposing his taste on the world and insinuating that all who disagree are wrong. What’s really disturbing is that the 2 Kardashian nitwits are encouraging him to continue being a douche and one even says that she wants him to crash the stage next year.

1.) “I will never go to an award show again”

In this interview after the Taylor Swift incident, Douchebag promises to never attend another award show a couple of times. For a moment it looks like Douche may be out of our lives, but we aren’t that lucy. Doucebag-loving Ellen talks him out of it! She blows smoke up his ass and tells him that he is a great talent and that he has to keep going to award shows because he matters. So what happened to Beck yesterday was all Ellen’s fault!!!

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