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I read an article today about a restaurant in Brooklyn that took a stand and banned young kids from dining at their Lyrica from mexico Apparently this place is frequented by Brooklyn hipsters who are socializing, drinking, and trying to hook up while these tiny little cock-blockers run around ruining their game and forcing them to put on fake smiles as if the brats were cute. It’s funny I came across this article because a few days ago ‘bratty kids at restaurants’ was on my mind.

Last Sunday, my good friend’s wife graduated college and he hosted a dinner in her honor at a very nice Italian restaurant. She’s become a good friend also so I happily accepted the invite to celebrate with them. When I got to the restaurant I was immediately impressed with the décor and after glancing at the menu I was hoping the food would measure up with the elegant experience the restaurant was striving for. There were a few occupied tables in the area at the time we were seated. One was occupied by a young-looking couple and based on how proper and behaved the male was acting it must’ve been a first-date. Another table was occupied by 2 senior couples that could easily be cast in a movie called “The Sopranos – 20 years later”. You can tell the well-dressed husky men were serious about food as they dipped their bread in oil, so I had a good feeling that the food was going to be good. As the hour passed, a steady flow of traffic entered the restaurant and soon it was full of adults that were spending their Sunday evening dining with spouses, friends, or family enjoying their wines and casual conversations.

Then, there was my table. A couple of people in my party have kids and at the risk of pissing some people off, I have to say that these kids were out of control. Don’t get me wrong I love kids. I always have and I’m pretty good at getting along with them. I’m a godfather to 3 kids and have tons of kids in my family. I visit family and participate in chaos just for fun with kids all the time. The key here is there is a time and place for kids to be kids and a nice restaurant during dinner is not one of them. Throughout dinner I was looking at facial expressions at the other tables and I knew that every one of them was thinking behind those fake smiles. Probably something along the lines of “shut these fucking kids up!” or “WTF! This isn’t Chuckie Cheese!”. cheap flights lyrics Truth is I was just a little embarrassed. I typically don’t get embarrassed over shit like this nor were they my children anyway. But I felt bad for these people that were dropping at least $50 a person to hear and see kids treating this restaurant like a McDonald’s in the ghetto. I’ve seen this trend of parents giving kids a lot of freedom to act like bratty kids in restaurants quite often recently and I’ve been thinking, when did this become allowed?

Back when I was a kid we didn’t eat out often, but when we did or went to visit other houses for dinner my Mom or Dad read us the Riot Act before we got there. The gist of the Riot Act was to sit the fuck down, be polite, and behave. And if these rules weren’t followed we knew there were repercussions. I couldn’t even fathom me or any one of siblings getting up from my seat and whining because it was my turn to play with the Etch-a-Sketch and my brother wouldn’t give it up. First, the Etch-a-Sketch would have never even made it into the restaurant. And if it somehow did and my Dad saw it, the last imprint on the Etch-a-Sketch screen would’ve been an imprint of the back of my head.

WTF happened to parenting? Have parents given up and expect people like me to accept the fact that their kids are just being kids while I’m having a nice dinner at a nice restaurant? I’ll be honest; if I had been sitting at another table I would’ve said something to my table. I did catch some of them say something to the manager about the bratty kids. The manager however didn’t know what to do and became another person I felt bad for. I tried to drop hints about how loud they were at my table to my buddy, but it was obvious our minds weren’t on the same frequency. I wasn’t going to go any further beyond my causal hints since it wasn’t worth it from my perspective. And I am much too smart to even try to lecture someone else’s kids. Not my job. Now I know I might be pissing off some of you new-age parents who may be guilty of forgetting about others while you’re out, but I ask you to just remember. Remember when you were single and out on a date or trying to have an adult conversation over dinner. Remember that although you think that your genius kid is the next Messiah with the greatest personality and endless potential, to me he’s just a brat behaving badly. I love your kids but if anyone of my friends with young kids ever wants to invite me for dinner at a restaurant, make sure it’s a kid friendly place – especially if your kids are the boss of you.can you buy Lyrica from canada

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