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MarcoReport is a forum wherein Marco and his guest writers share their opinions on hot topics of the day.Along with sharing personal essays; poetry; and anything else we feel may interest you!

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As Dr. Ben Carson takes the lead in Republican polls, Donald Trump is becoming that comedian who you keep coming across that repeats the same jokes over and over and over again. Trump’s arsenal of one-liners are stale and he is in desperate need of new material to reinvigorate his campaign. So what does a multi-billionaire do when the going gets tough? He gets booked on Saturday Night Live!

This weekend Trump will take his act to SNL on NBC. That’s right the same NBC that fired him from The Apprentice for making anti-Mexican remarks and the same NBC that he has filed a lawsuit against. How did Trump pull this off ? The answer is simple – Trump is a baller! (for those who are not up to speed with urban slang a baller is a former thug that made something big of himself) . Trump has revolutionized political campaigning and his political pundits are confused and backtracking after months of bad forecasting and predictions.

Aside from pointing out the weakness of our political leaders Trump has exposed the hypocrisy, greed, and bias of our mainstream media. Using NBC as an example, isn’t it interesting how the network that fired Trump and banned his beauty pageants is now welcoming him with open arms to host Saturday Night Live. The network that not too long ago found Trump’s campaign as offensive to Latinos is now ignoring the same Latinos who are boycotting Trump SNL. Clearly ratings ‘trumps’ Latinos.

The beauty of it all is that Trump is pointing out the weakness of NBC by letting him host the show. A very valid point. The self-proclaimed financial genius never backs down from pointing out the fact that he is a cash machine for networks. FOX got their highest ratings when he appeared on their debate and CNN has basically become The Trump Channel the past few months. CNBC hosted the 2nd Republican debate and Trump pushed his weight to set the time limit and temperature. CNBC of course accepted Trumps’ terms and in a brilliant move at the end of the debate, Trump pointed out how CNBC accepted his terms because he is a ratings magnet and a master negotiator. He called out CNBC on their greed and they never saw it coming…

This morning on CNN’s “New Day” Chris Cuomo expressed his surprise that NBC booked him for SNL by saying, “I thought you were at war with them, then all of a sudden they wanted to have you on. You say it’s because of ratings?”

Trump honestly replied,

You’re never at war when you get great ratings with a network, OK?” “Nobody gets ratings like me.

Today a growing list of Hispanic organizations are leading a boycott against NBC and SNL. They are protesting outside of 30 Rock and passing out useless petitions with signatures – and it’s all a waste of time. Although our country grants us the right to peacefully protest i’m confused as to why they are protesting. Trump is an entertainer running for President and he says what he believes (most of the time.) That’s also a Constitutional right. He has also taken great lengths to explain that he isn’t racist, which conveniently falls on deaf ears. It appears that Mexicans think they are exempt from stereotype humor and fear they are being trivialized if Trump hosts SNL. For those who believe this, it’s obvious you have never watched SNL. They have been stereotyping all types of people for 40 years.

Anyways, these protesting folks feel they have power because NBC “fired” Trump after he called some Mexicans rapists and outlined his pro-American platform . However, did NBC really fire Trump? It’s obvious he wasn’t doing another Apprentice season anytime soon and he owns the show anyway. NBC is a profitable corporation that will never turn down easy money which is what Trump offers. Let’s not forget that NBC was just owned by General Electric which was so greedy that they used every loophole possible to get out of paying taxes to our IRS. GE famously paid ZERO taxes for years. Zero! That said, if the IRS wasn’t successful in taking money away from NBC, I highly doubt they are going to cower to a few Hispanic groups.

So to my Hispanic brethren pissed off about Trump hosting SNL – pipe down, pop popcorn, and enjoy the show. Protesting isn’t getting you anywhere.

All it does is show the world that unlike Trump you are unable to successfully negotiate and get your way! Now how ironic is that…..

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