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Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks , is in the news for making this remark:

If I see a black kid, in a hoodie, and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy who has tattoos all over his face, white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere, I’m walking back to the other side.

Cuban obviously never heard the saying “if you don’t have anything uncontroversial to say, don’t say anything at all”. Mark Cuban is a billionaire – a billionaire with steady cash flow that doesn’t really need media attention. I think I get the point he is trying to make but unfortunately he fucked up by using the word “hoodie”. That was just stupid. We all know that “hoodie” is very closely associated with the death of Trayvon Martin and that it would instantly get many to reference that case. And since many strongly feel Trayvon was murdered by a racist, Cuban is risking that many will consider his remarks as racist.
Cuban is trying to make the point that he has prejudice thoughts. A pretty gutsy statement. To make his point he uses more adjectives describing the white guy that he fears then he does the black guy. The white guy is bald with a lot of tattoos oh his face and everywhere. And the black guy just has a hoodie on. Cuban is a very intelligent man in his tech and business world, but is obviously a complete idiot when trying to make a point about the world we live in. As a billionaire he’s probably so removed from the streets that he doesn’t know how to properly describe a black thug! I mean a “hoodie” is all he can come up with?? Come on Mark, that’s a pretty lazy description. You could’ve gone with pants to the ground; gang colors; a Tupac handkerchief around the head; a shiny grill etc…but all you can up with is a hoodie?? By the way when the fuck is a billionaire ever walking the streets late at night anyway?? News to Cuban, if you’re a billionaire walking the streets late at night by yourself you got a lot more to worry about than a back kid wearing a hoodie or a bald tattooed white guy.

I don’t think Mark Cuban is a racist. He’s trying to start a conversation about how he’s prejudiced and how he thinks we all are too. I get his point and I agree with him. I would hope that his intent was to call out all of those critics in the media and NBA who went for the kill after hearing racist Sterling’s tape. I think Cuban has some dirt on a lot of people and he’s dying to get it out. I’m sure he’s been at many billionaire parties where many have said inappropriate things. However, I think the next time Mark Cuban wants to make a point he should hire some consultants to proofread what he’s thinking ….or at least Google “picture of black thug” first.

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