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The first round of the NBA playoffs was pretty exciting and it’s now becoming clear that the rest of the season is becoming progressively boring. At this point, the NBA becomes a predictable league full of clichés. The NBA playoffs are down to the last 4 teams and its exactly the 4 teams 95% of us would’ve guessed would be playing – Indiana, Miami, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio. Two number 1’s vs two number 2’s.
The whole NBA and its coverage have become so predictable that it doesn’t even make it to my big screen. I play it on my second TV with the sound off just to keep an eye out for the score. And if I miss anything I use ESPN as my cliff notes. I’m at a point where I can’t muster up the patience to see Kenny Smith, Shaq, Barkley and Ernie introduce the game. buy Lyrica from mexico Someone must’ve told these guys that they are working for Comedy Central instead of TNT since they are trying their best to entertain us with comedy that would put Jackie “the Jokeman” Martling to sleep – and he laughs at everything! I’ve also had enough with those ridiculous ”in-game” side line interviews where a female host asks a player or coach a question. Why do they even bother when they know what the answer is? We all know what the answers are! Here is an example of one:

Interviewer: So Lebron, give us your take on the first half.
Lebron: We played well but we got to step up our defense.
Interviewer: What changes do you have to make in the second half?
Lebron: We got to step up our defense and play well. Put the ball in the basket more.
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Wow, that’s some serious insight! I hope the other team wasn’t listening to the interview and finds out their gameplan.

You see the problem is that these hosts job is to breakdown the games and provide insight about exciting game plans, but unfortunately there is not much insight to give. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade score when they want and pick up their defense when they want. There is really no reason for Miami to have a head coach. LeBron is the head coach and his team just plays until that point in the second half when Lebron huddles them up and says “ Aight, it’s go time. Let’s go!” The only reason they’ve lost a couple of Indiana is because they didn’t try hard enough. Agree or disagree, but if the Heat really, really wanted to sweep they could. Of course I can’t prove that, but I will bet anyone anything that the Heat will win the series. Any takers? Didn’t think so. I’m of the position that there is some kind of eye wink deal that the NBA has with the Heat to make the series somewhat entertaining and exciting. The Heat sweeping the Pacers is not good for business at all. It will cost the NBA millions of dollars of revenue if the Heat swept them.

In the other series the San Antonio Spurs play a boring but unselfish team game that is effective. Tim Duncan playing fundamentally sound basketball is boring! San Antonio has something that no other NBA team has – an actual coach that coaches! Head Coach Gregg Popovich does a great job but his team’s play is not really going to get the crowd to yell “ooohhhh!” and “ahhhhhh!” unless you get turned on by a textbook screen and perfect back door cuts.
Damn, I miss the days of the Lakers’s Showtime or Larry Bird’s Celtics! I wish the Knicks and Heat battles never ended. Tim Hardaway’s cross-overs and John Starks fearlessness. Jordan and Pippen versus the Knicks was always top entertainment and unpredictable.can you buy Lyrica from canada

Now we are most likely stuck with Miami vs. San Antonio in the Finals. LeBron is so great that it’s backfired. We’ve seen every move and at this point we expect every shot to go in. Ray Allen hitting a three has also run it’s course. And as I alluded to earlier San Antonio’s best weapon is luring their opponents to take naps on the court.
That’s why I’m hoping Oklahoma beats San Antonio. The most exciting thing left in the NBA besides Lance Stephenson blowing into Lebron’s ear can arguably be Russell Westbrook going end- to -end on a fast break with the intention of scoring. The last time the Heat met Oklahoma in the finals it was a one-sided series because Westbrook wasn’t a factor. Westbrook is healthy and wiser now. This season, Kevin Durant is the MVP of the league but Westbrook is the one that can get you off your feet! If Oklahoma advances to play the Heat there is a chance that I will turn up the volume and watch it on my big screen. If the Spurs play the Heat I’ll check my Facebook feed for updates. Let’s go RANGERS!!

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