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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman declared war on daily fantasy gaming sites Fanduel and Draftkings by banning them in New York yesterday. In doing so Schneiderman stated:

Our investigation has found that, unlike traditional fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports companies are engaged in illegal gambling under New York law, causing the same kinds of social and economic harms as other forms of illegal gambling and misleading New York consumers

Are you fucking kidding me?! The State of New York runs “I love New York Lottery” commercials ALL day inciting people to buy scratch offs and gamble on all types of lotto games where the odds of winning are astronomical! What’s Schneiderman’s position on that?

The alcohol laws of New York are among the most lenient of any state in the United States. What’s Schneiderman’s position on that?

The only position I feel he can have is that NY State Lottery games and alcohol are perfectly OK because the financial benefits for New York are as Donald Trump would say – HUUGGE!

The state lottery takes an enormous cut of funds gambled and further benefits via taxes and long term structured payouts. Schneiderman doesn’t give a rat’s ass that most NY Lottery players are the poor who are addicted to the real fantasy of hitting MegaMillions.

BUT YET, Schneiderman wants you to believe that he is greatly concerned about Fanduel and DraftKing players becoming addicted uncontrollable gamblers that will lose their minds and start robbing banks to get their $1 games in. Is he kidding? Has he ever considered reviewing how many lottery tickets and 40 ounce beers are sold at bodegas in crime-ridden hoods throughout New York City? Of course not, there’s no reason to… (that’s sarcasm).

Clearly our government is no better than a mob boss when it comes to picking on successful businesses that aren’t paying their respects via envelopes full of cash. Schneiderman is representing a government that can’t stand to see a business makes billions while not cutting them in on it. FanDuel and DraftKings are both legitimate corporations backed by legitimate investors and they obviously pay their taxes – but that’s not good enough. So as always when the government doesn’t get their way, they fall back on that overly used suggestion that they have to become babysitters to protect people who can’t make their own smart decisions. This then leads to the government making businesses comply to new regulations and licences that will cost the business a lot of money. Once that’s in place, the government all of a sudden will approve daily fantasy gaming and all of the comments Schneiderman said about it being a horrible thing will magically go away.

I’ve been playing FanDuel for 10 months now and can proudly say that I’ve won a few thousand dollars. I have friends who are also successful and I’ve even got a few co-workers in on the action that are having a blast playing it. Fanduel is fun and anyone who says it doesn’t require skill to play is an idiot. The concept is simple – you are the General Manager of your team and you are given a salary cap to complete a roster. In order to make your roster you have to be aware of the skillsets of the player and the competition. Then you have to find players without going over the salary cap. You are not always going to win, but you will win occasionally if you take the time to research your players and get a little lucky. All that said, it really bothers me that this asshole Schneiderman is actually trying to compare fantasy sports to randomly picking 6 numbers out of 62 and hoping that each one comes out.

Schneiderman has become a bully who appointed himself Big Brother as he extorts money from corporations. The tobacco company was one of his victims a couple of weeks ago when Schneiderman announced a settlement with major tobacco companies that will bring $550 million to New York. Again, he claims the tobacco companies are paying for abusing their customers who weren’t able to make smart decisions. Yet, tobacco sales continue to flourish in NY and smokers are NOT directly getting any of that money.

Looking for even more money for the state and personal glory, Schneiderman is now going after EXXON for allegedly being secretive about climate change and what they knew about it. It’s pretty much the same case he filed against tobacco companies. The bully is banking on EXXON to settle by paying millions to the State of New York without caring that the funds will be coming from Exxon shareholders and employees.
All of these facts make it clear that the Attorney General is on a power trip that is fueled by added revenue he can take credit for. The transparent hypocrisy is glaring and it shocks the conscious that politicians get away with this overt cash extortion.

I’m hoping Fanduel and Draftkings don’t back down from this wannabbe Godfather and that their atorrney’s let him know that ‘we heard the offer you made and it’s being refused’….

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