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In their never-ending quest to squeeze every dollar out of people, NYPD announced yesterday that it’s going after bike riders with a ticket blitz for all kinds of infractions.

As I predicted after the CitiBikes program launched, NYPD will make riding a bike just as miserable and stressful as driving a car has become. These are now 2 things you can’t enjoy doing because of the cat and mouse game law enforcement has created. Of course NYPD didn’t enforce any rules until a year after CitiBikes was launched. That wouldn’t have been smart. You see, you have to create a pool of people you could harass first. Then after these suckers sign-up for memberships and get used to enjoying riding their bikes you plan your attack. Here is the warning the NYPD posted on their website:

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It’s pretty obvious that bicyclists should follow some rules since they are sharing streets with cars and pedestrians. For the most part, simple common sense has prevailed. People have been riding bikes for decades in NYC and they have managed to co-exist. Are there occasional accidents? Of course, that’s inevitable. But they do they warrant the all-out ticketing assault that NYPD is gearing up for?
NYPD and NYC should cut the bullshit and stop insulting people. This isn’t about safety and concern. If they gave a rat’s ass about the safety of people they would’ve enforced rules before CitiBike. It’s about the money, money, money!! Revenue!!! The easiest and surest way to collect money is by the NYPD using our court system. A tried and true method.

NYPD has written out over 20,000 tickets to bike riders in NYC so far in 2014 – you do the math. And if you don’t think NYPD cops aren’t trying to entrap bike riders take a look at this video which was shot yesterday and posted on As you can see the cops are standing in the bike lane and when the biker passes by the cop tries to slickly lean into to him to cause an accident. What a racket….

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