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The latest trend in the NFL is football players taking a stand against perceived social injustices by disrespecting the American flag and some chose to do it on 9/11.

Understandably, it’s hard for the overwhelming population of Americans to see these overpaid millionaires protest and not get pissed off. An overwhelming amount of us are taxpayers who try to live our lives peacefully while taking advantage of the freedoms our democratic society offers us. Many, like me, have lost relatives fighting to protect and promote freedom or currently have relatives doing so. Ultimately that’s what we celebrate when we salute our flag.

We salute all the ideals and concepts that separate us from every other country in the world. We also salute the constant progress towards making our country a better place. Yes, our country is not perfect…. BUT while that song plays for 3 minutes you should be! You should be perfectly aware that you have the right to protest because others died for that flag. You should be perfectly aware that you are not bigger than the democratic ideals of the nation. You should be perfectly aware that the flag did not beat your friend up if that’s what’s bothering you.

These NFL football players who took a knee yesterday on 9/11 are misguided people who chose to be selfish instead of honoring the thousands of fellow Americans we lost at the hands of OUR enemy. The football players happen to be black men who were given access and scholarships to great college institutions where they could’ve trained their minds, so that they can pursue their dreams. It just so happens that they are great at catching footballs, running fast, and knocking people down so they chose to become multi-millionaires playing a game. To their credit, they took advantage of what this country was offering them and now they can live very comfortable lives.

But yet, they don’t want to think about that on 9/11. They don’t want to take a day off from associating our flag with the anger they have towards rouge cops that have crossed the line when dealing with black men. I’ll even concede that some of these cops were guilty of racism because I’m sure some were. Rogue cops exists and they have to be rooted out – that’s a given. Just like criminal football players who beat wives and girlfriends have to be rooted out. I get it. To this day I’m pissed off that Eric Garner got choked out while selling loose cigarettes, but there is no way that my feeling towards that tragedy will EVER question my allegiance and respect towards our flag. It just doesn’t make sense to me how that leap is made.

It’s very hard for me to put these NFL millionaires in the same box as other great black Americans who have taken stands of protest. The great Martin Luther King Jr. chose to take his stand by protesting via marches and boycotting while educating minds using his oratory gifts. Muhammad Ali chose not to fight a war against other people of color because blacks didn’t have civil rights here in America at the time. Today’s America has changed. We have a black President, a Black Attorney General, Black mayors in our biggest cities, Black congressman and Senators, Black Police Chiefs and so on. This country has come a long way. And it was all done under the ideals of what our flag stands for. Our flag represents how our country fixed our wrongs and evolved while it just stood there waving looking over us. The flag and it’s ideals never had to change – people had to change! That’s why we should always respect it.

I completely understand that these football players have 1st amendment rights and that their actions are protected. The legitimate argument is that the foundation of this country demands that we think for ourselves so we never again have to bow to anyone. Some may feel that my strong feelings against these asshole football players is a contradiction since I’m trying to make them show blind loyalty towards patriotism even when they don’t want to. Your point is taken.

However, your point is not accepted since I have my 1st amendment right to express how selfish these supposedly college-educated men are behaving on the one day that we ALL should mourn the 3000 plus American lives murdered on this date. We should all remember that we are ALL one people living under the values and ideals of that very special flag.

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