Philly cops indicted for brutal beatdown (FULL VIDEO)


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Yesterday a Philadelphia grand jury indicted 2 Philadelphia cops for the brutal beating of a 21 year-old male. The victim was arrested on what we now know were trumped up charges. The officers blatantly lied and concocted a story that they thought would excuse the obvious beating they dished out.

Had the victim died this story would be national news and surely would’ve ignited another rallying cry against police brutality.

Police brutality is a very touchy issue especially when people – like myself – love family and friends that wear the badge. Without hesitation I state that I would never be a part of the camp that says ALL cops are bad, because that simply isn’t true.

However, we can’t shy away from the fact that bad cops exist and lie. In this case, the cops didn’t know that a building down the block had a video camera running and that the victim’s girlfriend would discover it. The following is a link to news site that has the video of the entire incident. Click this link and watch the entire footage of the beating:

In New York City, there is a PBA President that refuses to EVER accept the fact that there are bad cops and always tries to justify their action. The Philadelphia police chief should be applauded for not making excuses for his officers and accepting responsibility for their actions.

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