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I’m having one of those days when my mind refuses to think about anything else but purpose. What is the purpose of the ritualistic patterns of our lives that many are not content with? Yes, I know your bills don’t get paid on their own and food ain’t free so you have to go to work- but does spending days performing a task in exchange for money define life?

We all know that there are expenses associated with living. In order to pay those expenses a lot of us fall into the trap of accepting the roles you fell into rather then chased. Another thing we all know is that somewhere after your schooling or your dependency on your parents, life got real. All of a sudden the stress free days dissipated and it was time to make some decisions. Decisions that will define how you envision life. Did you settle or did you follow your dreams? Were you made to believe somewhere along the journey that you had to settle down and follow a man-made plan to live within the rules of society? Well, I did – to an extent.

I didn’t do the marriage, two kids, and a picket fence thing but I fell into the trap that states having a good-paying job defines you. Originally, I was supposed to be a great superstar athlete. Unfortunately those cards weren’t dealt to me so after giving up on that I had dreams of becoming the next Atticus Finch. After wasting time immediately after high school at Rutgers University, I re-organized and went back to college on my terms. I received a BA and then studied towards my MBA. I took the LSATs and applied to law schools. I was accepted into a couple and then regrettably chose to keep working to pay my living expenses. After a while working became so engrained in me that the risk of going to law school and living humbly as a sacrifice had absolutely no chance. Its days like today when my mind plays the “what if” game and then I remind myself of my favorite Yogi-ism – “it ain’t over til it’s over”.

I’ve never been lazy or unmotivated with work. I’ve been living on my own since 18 without ever having a roommate and always held a job. What I regret is that I didn’t take the right risks to chase what I wanted to do. I fell into too many traps. I spent too much time giving a fuck about people’s dumbass opinions and focusing on all the wrong things. I also dwelled on some bad shit far too long. I as much as anyone can attest to the struggle and pain life brings and the beauty and wonder that always follows. Life promises you heartache, tragedy, and sorrow. Yet it also promises you the opportunity to experience the opposite and more if you chose to challenge it and chase your passion. One of the best things about life is that undoubtedly it lets you get over things eventually. If you let it, life will reset itself for you and things that fucked you up will become distant memories. Think about that girlfriend or boyfriend who conned you and how today you can’t believe that you actually cared that much back then. That’s life – give it some time and respect and it has your back.

I don’t think my purpose is to be the best Finance Executive at a job that can and will fire you on any given day. It doesn’t make me happy or give me purpose. I take pride in my accomplishments because I did have to put a lot of effort to get here but it doesn’t define me. It’s time for a life reset. Time to stop spending time thinking of the “what if’s’ and start mapping out the new journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be here tomorrow in my office and I’ll do my job but my real focus will be planning out the actions to follow a purpose. I know life has this thing about making you put forth effort so I’m expecting some challenges. It’s a great feeling going after something that gives you meaning beyond a paycheck. All of our days are numbered so why not spend them chasing dreams that give you purpose? Step one is changing the mindset and I think I’m there. Stay tuned.
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