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Last night’s episode of ABC’s reality show “The Bachelorette – Men Tell All” relied on some good old-fashioned racism for dramatic effect.  The whole situation started way back when the Bachelorette, a southern white girl named Andi, gave roses to the only 2 black men out of 25 bachelors she can choose (giving someone a rose means you can stay another week and still have a chance to make out with Andi, if they hadn’t already).

After Andi gave the roses to the black men it’s alleged that one white guy whispered to another white guy “she gave roses to the 2 blackies”.  Interesting to note is that the comment was not caught on camera and the “incident” was not brought up until 4 weeks after it happened. Furthermore, no one really seems that pissed off about it.  The black guy is taking the classy approach and the white guy who denies saying it is admiring him for being so classy. He’s apologizing even though he didn’t say it. Huh? This doesn’t make sense and looks shady.  Is it possible that the producers contrived this drama in an otherwise uneventful season up and until that point? One bachelor did pass away tragically after he was sent home and ABC did exploit that tragedy, but that happened at the very end of the season.

It’s been 2 decades since MTV premiered its hit ground-breaking reality show “Real World”. Among the original cast members was a Jersey City native, Kevin Powell.  Kevin was portrayed as a sort of militant black man who was predominately occupied with race and cautious of all white people and their intentions. I knew Kevin personally when we played on the same baseball team and the Kevin I saw on TV was not the one I knew a few years earlier.  Of course we all evolve physically and mentally during our teen years so it was unfair of me to expect him not to have a different persona at an older age.  Nevertheless, I’ve always had my suspicion that MTV was race-baiting by creating situations to shock viewers and more importantly, to keep them watching.  It’s safe to say that my suspicions have been confirmed since all of the networks followed MTV’s lead by creating race-baiting reality shows of their own.

Networks use racism for drama as if it’s a completely resolved social problem that somehow is mysteriously re-surfacing out of nowhere. I find that insulting.  As much as I would love to live in a color-blind world, it just ain’t happening. It may not be as transparent, but there is always a level of it. People are programmed to contain their racist views and keep it to themselves in order to be a part of society.  You can’t make overt racist comments and keep a job or socialize in certain circles. What reality shows do is entice people to say them out loud and then yell “Gotcha!”

The Bachelorette last night was just the most recent example of racism for ratings. CBS last year put racism up front and center in their reality show “Big Brother”.  This show puts together a group of men and ladies from all over the country and has them live together during the summer at a Hollywood studio made to look like a house.  Each week someone gets voted out until the last remaining person wins $500,000. Last year the house had a young southern white model and a stereotypical Staten Island white blonde who either forgot their lives were videotaped 24/7 OR just didn’t care sharing their racist views. Both of these ladies were caught making very racist remarks about other cast members that are Black and Asian.

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CBS got the attention it wanted and promoted the shows using the controversy as a draw.  The producers never let the cast know what the outside world was saying about the racist controversy and stood by the stance that it is a ‘reality show’ so they wouldn’t intervene. At the finale, other than a slight slap-on-the-hand by the host, Julie Chen, all was forgotten and they celebrated the wrap up of another successful season.  It would’ve been a great opportunity for CBS to have a forum on the issues and deep dive into why those comments were made. Problems aren’t solved if root causes aren’t addressed.

Two seasons ago on the CBS show Survivor, a flamboyant gay man from Alabama named Colton went on a rant about how he’s from an all-white town and how he has a black maid. His point was somehow to prove that a black man he didn’t like on his tribe should be voted out because he was lazy… and because he doesn’t associate with people “like him”.  The irony of seeing an openly gay man profess his racism towards a black man on a reality show was a homerun for CBS.

Reality shows like these aggressively seek story lines rooted in conflict. Since the networks can plead “not guilty” because it’s a reality show, racism isn’t going away anytime soon on television.

Very soon, if not already, a whole new generation of people who weren’t born when “Real World” debuted on MTV will be cast on these shows.  Considering the fact that most Americans in the past 30 years got the memo that being outwardly racist isn’t cool, reality shows will give us a real good sense as to how well we have been raising our children.  Will the next generation be more tolerant and blind to skin color? Then again, if they grew up watching reality TV they may have picked up some bad habits.

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