RIP Cecil the Lion. Will Donald Trump send his condolences?


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Anyone hooked into social media or cable news by now has heard about the terrible killing of Cecil the Lion.

In the African Jungle is where Cecil spent all of his days. Chilling out relaxing minding his own business when an American man who was up to no good starting making trouble in his jungle hood. A coward dentist who never gave Cecil a chance. There was no struggle. The dentist struggles more capping a tooth. He didn’t chase Cecil or vice versa. He stood far away with a high powered rifle equipped with precision technology. Stevie Wonder can easily be a paid spokesperson for this gun.

I have no understanding of why people kill animals for sport as they roam their habitat. What is the purpose of hanging a lion’s head in your trophy room? How do you explain the face-to-face encounter where you prevailed and conquered the beast? Oh, that’s right- you can’t . You can’t because there was no face to face encounter and you were never in danger. You sat there like a spoiled American with money to spare and low self esteem.

Preserving wildlife and respecting it to me is a character strength. Of course we are not all vegans and we love our steak. However, there’s a difference between killing for sustenance and sport. Big game hunters will debate this without any substance or merit.

I’m hoping someone finds that dentist and knocks his teeth his out…

On another note since Donald J. Trump is in the news everyday ALL day, let’s not forget that both his sons routinely kill innocent animals in Africa for sport and then take gruesome pics after they’re done. The pictures in the clip below of the Trump boys posing with their many kills are no more excusable then the action of Cecil’s murderer.

If Donald Trump calls his sons coward d*uchebags he will definitely get my vote!!!!

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