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We’re entering Memorial Day weekend and the Yankees are ½ a back game of the Baltimore Orioles in second place. It’s the final season of Derek Jeter’s hall of fame career. We picked up Masahiro Tanaka from Japan and he is off to a brilliant start. Yangervis Solarte is a 27 year old rookie who is batting .312 and playing very well at third base. buy Lyrica from mexico Taking all this into account you would think that Yankee excitement is building and excitement is brewing. You are probably hoping that you get your hands on Yankee tickets that are hard to come by! “LET’S – GO – YAN- KEES!!!”
Exciting stuff, right? No??… Yeah, I didn’t think so either. Maybe it’s too early in this season but I’m finding Yankee baseball boring this year. Last year we were spoiled all season long with Mariano’s farewell tour. For some reason Jeter’s good-bye tour so far is lacking all the sentimentality and genuine admiration that Mariano’s last season had. I think the major reason behind it is the difference in the roles they play. With Mariano around the fans sat– or rather stood up- at the end of every tight game anxiously waiting for the stadium loudspeakers to blast the iconic first few bars of that heavy metal classic song. Yankee Stadium was the only place where guidos, blacks, hispanics, asians and all else rocked out together to a heavy metal song! The words “SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN!!” being sung by every Yankee fan in the house! The baseball game was like a good movie or book where people were in trouble and Mariano was that hero who comes in at the end to save the day.

When you consider all that buildup and compare it to Jeter, you can probably see why a position player’s farewell tour doesn’t measure up. At best Jeter gets a loud standing ovation his first at bat; the bleacher creatures give him his shout-out; and the next 2 hours remain uneventful for him. Unless of course there is a situation at the end of the game where he could drive in the winning run or hit a walk-off home run. And odds are that’s not going to happen too often. I guess the only way Jeter can compete with the hoopla Mariano got all year is if we sat him and only had him pitch hit at the end of the game. The anticipation of waiting to hear Bob Sheppard’s voice which is only played to introduce Jeter will rival that of waiting to hear ‘Enter the Sandman’. But that ain’t happening either. As of today, Jeter is batting .273 and is still producing. So what we can do to get excitement back at Yankee Stadium?? Two words – A ROD!
Love him or hate him, he always kept us engaged and made sure the Yankees were the talk of the town. Whether he’s bitching about being picked on; trying to pick up girls at the game; bringing his ‘celebrity girlfriend of the day’ to the game; sticking his leg out on the base path; or yelling “boo” at an infielder trying to catch the ball we all got to admit that A-Rod entertained us. I’m really hoping he comes back next year even if he’s riding the pine. I just stopped watching a TV show called `The Good Wife’ because they killed off the major character who was very entertaining. `Dallas’ needed JR Ewing. `All in The Family’ needed Archie Bunker. The Yankees need A-Rod!!!!!cheap flights lyrics

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