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I had no idea that selling loose cigarettes to make a couple of bucks was that big a deal.  As many of you have already seen on a video that has gone viral, last Thursday Eric Garner was being questioned by NYPD for allegedly selling cigarettes without a license. Moments later he died after he was jumped by police officers.  Regardless of Garner’s size, the video clearly shows that he was unarmed and just pissed off that he was being harassed. He always kept his hands in the air and didn’t get into a fighting stance as the cops trying to save their asses would like you to believe.

First, let’s not forget that the cops are harassing Garner about selling loose cigarettes.   How can the NYPD justify taking a man down like a WWF wrestler for a non-violent offense? As we all can see Garner wasn’t running anywhere (or getting away if he tried) . He had no weapons.  Why not give him a cool-down period and talk to him like a human being before deciding to treat him like a hog at a rodeo?

I can guarantee you that the cops will be cleared and that the NYPD will somehow try to convince us that Garner was an out of shape man who was gonna die anyway so it’s not their fault.   Maybe that’s true, we’re all gonna die. But I highly doubt that Garner was going to drop dead randomly on that sidewalk if the cops didn’t wrestle him down and choke him. Garner was adamant that he  did nothing wrong and was just breaking up a fight.  Witnesses have since backed up that story.

There is 1 cop in the video that is responsible for the entire incident and subsequent aftermath. The undercover cop in the #99  green shirt  should be fired and prosecuted.  His name is Daniel Pantaleo and he is the cop that every law-abiding good cop  should be ashamed of:buy Lyrica from mexico

In the video Garner is clearly upset with the cop’s but he is not a danger. However, Officer Pantaleo decides that this a good opportunity to practice his choke hold and test his strength.

As you can see in these side-to-side pictures, Pantaleo sneaks up behind Garner and grabs his wrist. Garner is not flailing or throwing punches. In the middle picture Pantaleo goes for the choke and take down.  The other officer has Garners’s left wrist controlled.  In the far right picture  Pantaleo  proves that he is obviously  a UFC fan as  he gets his choke in tight.  Unfortunately for Garner tapping out was not an option. Repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe” wasn’t going to get this punk cop off him either.

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After Garner is clearly detained, officer Pantaleo decides to press all of his 180 pounds with great force on Garner’s head. It’s as if he wanted his head to go through the cement sidewalk. What’s the purpose of this?

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Then he presses all of his force with both hands on Garner’s head as shown here. Again, is he trying to kill this man that was allegedly selling loose cigarettes?
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Moments later as Garner laid dying you can see Pantaleo smiling and acting as if he won a heavyweight championship belt:

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It took 5 plain clothes and undercover cops to get Garner on a stretcher and guess who wasn’t one of them? It shows how little regard he has for the victim’s life.

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Instead Pantaleo stood on the side waving hello to the cameras:

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These still shots are off a video. You can see Pantaleo and his waving in this video:

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Having a couple of relatives on the NYPD and knowing a lot of cops,  it’s clear to me that Pantaleo does not represent what a police officer should be and he should be held accountable for what he did.  He’s that cop who thinks his badge and gun gives him a license to do whatever he wants.  He’s the cop that gives all of the good cops who respect the law a bad name. NYPD would be doing the right thing if they for once admit that Pantaleo was completely out of line and not go into self-preservation mode.

Lastly, we now know that the NYPD settled a lawsuit that involved Pantaleo strip-searching and harassing suspects in the past. Here’s that story:

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