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Dan Marino and 14 other players are the latest to sue the NFL for injuries they obtained while playing in the NFL. But before I get to the players, there are several cheerleaders with suits filed against the Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers alleging that these teams are paying them minimum wage and not reimbursing them for expenses.

So far the Bills are contemplating getting rid of their cheerleaders because of the lawsuit filed against them. Not for nothing, but the NFL is just taking advantage of young women because they feel that cheerleaders do it for fun and all the glamor that comes with the gig. They feel it’s every girl’s dream to shake their ass before 50,000 drunks every Sunday. Now, I’m not too versed in the inside world of NFL cheerleading but it would make sense to me that the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders can force the NFL to treat cheerleading as a respectful gig with a fair salary. The Dallas cheerleaders are as much a prestigious landmark as the football team itself; so if the girls boycotted and women don’t cross the line I’m sure Jerry Jones will cave and meet their demands. That would then set the precedent for all the cheerleaders in the NFL. The NFL should do the right thing and pay these girls!

Now back to the players, there have been hundreds of suits filed against the NFL and last year there seemed to be some closure when the NFL agreed to pay 765 million dollars into a fund for former players that prove they were hurt playing football. However the judge assigned to that case refused to approve the settlement because the money might not be enough to cover all former players.
Marino being a plaintiff now gives the issue more attention. The contention of the suit is that the NFL failed to adequately protect its players by not telling them of the long term affects associated with concussions. Coincidentally, Marino was just fired as a football reporter on CBS which the NFL has a lot of influence over. Is he only suing now because he cut ties with the NFL? Is he being vindictive? Does he need cash to support his family and the secret family he has been hiding? I followed Dan Marino’s career and I never once heard him complain about his team sending him out there to get hit. On the contrary, if they took him out of a game because they cared about his health he would get mad and insist on playing. Whatever his reasons for suing, Marino now brings his Hall of Fame status to this never ending saga and I’m starting to question if the NFL is responsible for the health of former players or if they are being extorted.
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If you ever parachuted out of a plane or bungee jumped off a high bridge I’m pretty confident that the owners providing the services had you sign a waiver releasing them from any culpability in the event that you get hurt. The waiver probably had a few clauses and the first one most likely said something like this:

I am fully aware that bungee jumping is a dangerous sport and contains inherent risks and dangers (including, but not limited to, serious injury or death), that no amount of care, caution, instruction or expertise can eliminate. I understand the scope, nature and extent of the risks involved and voluntarily and freely choose to assume any and all such risks.

The company providing the service wants to make sure you understand the risk you are taking in order to satisfy YOUR desire to participate in something you obviously want to do. If you removed “bungee jumping” and replaced it with “playing in the NFL” wouldn’t it make just as much sense? There is no arguing that football is a violent sport. A violent sport that has been updating its rules and equipment for decades to coincide with players becoming, bigger, faster, and more ferocious. Players who chose the sport as a career were aware of the physicality and brutality of the game. It was their job to be stronger, faster, and hit harder than their competition. I’m sure a 20 something year-old player in the 70’s wasn’t concerned about long term affects as sure as I am that the NFL didn’t have data compiled yet that reflected long term affects. However, common sense dictated that players should wear shoulder pads, helmets, horse-collars, padded girdles, knew pads, elbow pads, flap jackets, hand pads, etc. Every part of the player was protected.

What more can the NFL do? Well, the answer was that they can prevent certain types of tackles and create a textbook of how to play the game safety. All this had to be done without removing the one thing that draws its customers – violence. Do you think the NFL will be as successful as it is today if it determined that players were at long term risk and changed the rules by removing tackling and implementing ‘flag football’ instead? Based on the fact that the much less violent soccer refuses to be accepted by a large population of Americans, I’m guessing the answer is “no”. The NFL is aware of what its audience wants and provides it.

I’m also sure that NFL players enjoy what they do. It’s a passion. It’s so much a passion that they work hard on perfecting their skills to make sure they make a career out of playing in the NFL. They are the cause and the outcome of the risk they take. Human-beings instilling pain on to each other. A wide receiver jumping to catch a high-pass in mid-air that is met by a defensive back who is purposely trying to hit the receiver as hard as possible to prevent the catch. Yes, this may be the last play ever for either one of them. These are the risks they take. cheap flights lyrics And they are compensated nicely for doing so. The NFL player minimum wage is $375,000 without including incentives and signing bonuses. That is the minimum. Seasoned veterans and highly skilled players are paid much more. How they spend their money is their business; but there is the opportunity to invest this money wisely and think past their playing days. This is where I find fault with the players.

Players have a union which makes sure they are being fairly compensated. That union rejected the idea of taking just a little money out of existing players salary to help retired veterans. So much for ‘giving back’ to the players that preceded you and paved the way…

The NFL is a capitalist business venture and the owners are trying to maximize profits for themselves. It’s that simple. It just so happens that the NFL is making a shit load of money! So while the players spend their small fortunes the NFL gets richer. After an NFL player retires the NFL continues to pay health insurance for the next 5 years. It’s only after that that the player is on their own but the NFL and has endowments players can apply for. The problem is that a lot of injuries don’t surface until 10 to 15 years later. We all know this now so players have to consider this before they choose to play football as a career and before they spend all their money foolishly. On second thought, they can continue spending their money like idiots now that Obamacare has passed.

As per the USA today, the players union right now is trying to introduce a rather radical change to help players manage their money: by keeping some of it out of their hands until the offseason. This could be bad news to every strip bar in NFL cities across America and the “bottle service” industry.
Liaisons from the players union making their annual spring visits to NFL locker rooms are presenting a series of proposed resolutions, including one that would pay out players’ base salaries year-round. Under the proposed plan, teams would divide payment into 26 biweekly installments beginning in September, rather than into 17 weekly checks during the regular season as most teams do now.
For example, a player whose base salary is $1 million would receive checks of $38,461 every two weeks around the calendar year, rather than weekly checks of $58,823 during the roughly four-month regular season and nothing the other eight months a year.

Johnny Manziel is already poppin bottlescan you buy Lyrica from canada

People in favor of this think it would help players budget their money better and correct spending behavior that has been an epidemic after retirement. Obviously the union is trying to help players now before it’s too late. Players like Dan Marino had that opportunity but didn’t take advantage of it and are now relying on what’s sadly become the American way for all those that don’t accept personal responsibility for their actions – TAKE THEM TO COURT AND SUE!

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