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Congrats to ESPN commentator Stephen A.  Smith for being the newest member of the Apology Hall of Fame!  2014 has been a busy year for famous personalities who say what they believe in out loud; and then have to apologize later on in order to save their jobs!  Smith is the most recent victim.

Yesterday Smith issued an apology for comments he made while talking about NFL player Ray Rice’s 2 game suspension for dragging his fiancee out of an elevator.  Smith makes it clear that he doesn’t condone Rice beating on his fiancée but then goes on a rambling rant on how women shouldn’t provoke fights with men. Here’ the clip of his comment:

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Clearly, you can see that Stephen A. Smith is a rambling fool paid by ESPN to share his opinion about anything. Based on how much non-stop BS comes out of him, he’s probably paid “per word said”.  Smith’s occupation is “professional yapper” as that is all he does. He yaps all day- period.  Obviously, by the passion of his rant he believes in what he said. However, all of a sudden ESPN decides that he has gone too far and forces him to apologize.  I don’t agree with what he said since I don’t believe it’s a woman’s job to walk on eggshells around her man just to avoid getting a right hand to the face.  That’s ridiculous and if a man can’t control his urge to strike a woman, he’s the problem.   Stephen A. Smith is obviously a male chauvinist based on his comments but he should be allowed to make them without being pressured to apologize. Here’s the clip of the apology his bosses made him say in order to keep his job:

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It’s clear that the only people free to speak their mind are those who don’t have to answer to an employer. It’s that simple. All of these people that are apologizing a day later DON’T MEAN IT. Do you really think that overnight Smith genuinely changed his way of thinking that took him years to develop? The apology is not making him alter his perspective. He’s just saying it to shut the critics up and continue to work!

By the way, Smith was also suspended for 1 week from ESPN. Last year another ESPN employee was suspended for slipping and saying “chink in his armor” instead of “kink in his armor” while reading a story on NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin.  That suspension was for 30 days.  So it’s apparent that on the ESPN scale of offenses Asian-bashing is much more serious an offense than wife-beating. Although I think neither should be punished, it’s interesting to see what ESPN considers more offensive.

Smith’s apology and those by others are nothing more than lipstick on a pig. Personally, I would prefer to know where everyone stands on an issue so that I can deal with them appropriately. If everyone is going to pretend that they had an overnight awakening and changed their views, we are going to live in a world of phonies without the ability to change anything. I rather know who my enemies are then have pretenders live among us.

Here are some other 2014 Apology Hall of Fame members:

Jonah Hill

Had to apologize after saying “suck my dick , you faggot” to a paparazzi who was harassing him.

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Jason Biggs

Had to apologize for tweeting “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frqeuent flyer miles” after a plane crash.

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Gary Oldman

Had to apologize for saying that Hollywood is overly sensitive and ran by Jews (how ironic that he is apologizing)

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Paula Deen

Apologized for admitting using the N word a hundred years ago. A last ditch effort to save her jobs.

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