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MarcoReport is a forum wherein Marco and his guest writers share their opinions on hot topics of the day.Along with sharing personal essays; poetry; and anything else we feel may interest you!

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This past Saturday a horse named California Chrome tried to win the Belmont Stakes and become the first Triple Crown winner since 1978. The Triple Crown consists of winning the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont race. Unfortunately California Chrome came up short by coming in 4th place . The race was won by ‘Tonalist’ – a horse that did not run in the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness.

Immediately after the race California Chrome’s owner Steve Colburn was interviewed and stole the show with a sore loser rant. Colburn all of a sudden was pissed off that the winner of the race didn’t race in the Kentucky Derby or Preakness. He went on a rant complaining that everyone was coming after his horse and how unfair it was that other horses didn’t run the other 2 races. He called his competition “cowards” for taking “the coward’s way out”. Throughout the short interview Coburns’s wife is poking him and trying to get him to calm down. At the end of the interview he shouts at her “I don’t care!” You can see the interview here:

Personally, I think the guy is a sore loser who is making a ridiculous argument that doesn’t hold up. His horse had 2 weeks rest and throughout the 2 weeks he was bragging about how well he was practicing. Nonetheless, Colburn had time to calm down and gather his thoughts before his next interview the next day. In this interview he stood his ground and continued to make the same argument. In his own words he “did not regret one bit” what he said. He even came up with an analogy of how “fresh” horses racing his horse is like a 6’2” guy playing basketball with a kid in a wheelchair. You can see this interview here:

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Ok, so it seems like Coburn has a strong opinion and that he’s sticking to it… Well, not quite. It’s now Monday morning and Coburn in his 3rd interview in 3 days is all of a sudden sobbing and apologizing to the world for the comments he made. Here ya go:

What the fuck happened! Who is this guy and who removed his balls? Although I disagree with his stupid assertion that his horse racing better horses was unfair, I at least admired him for sticking to his point. Obviously, the almighty powers of his industry made it clear to him that it’s in his best interest to apologize and shut the fuck up. This is what the world has come to. Do not say anything controversial or you will be forced to apologize. Last month NFL player Don Jones tweeted “OMG” and “horrible” after watching Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend. The next day he was fined and forced to apologize. Just last week, actor Jonah Hill was being harassed by a paparazzi and after a minute of being stalked he naturally says to the paparazzi, “suck my dick, you faggot”. Here’s the clip:

Based on the tone and how easily it came out it’s obvious Jonah uses this line as a go-to whenever he wants to get a certain point across. However, this time it was taped so Jonah had to go into apology mode to satisfy Hollywood and the many gay and lesbian groups that were offended. Here’s the apology:

That appeared to be very heartfelt and the apology itself had a real message. But I ain’t buying it Jonah; and no one should hold it against you. You work in Hollywood and you said what you had to say to continue to work in Hollywood. You said those words to that photographer as if you’ve said it a million times before. Most of us say stupid shit. It doesn’t make us bad people, it makes us human beings who are works in progress. These fake apologies that corporations, employers, the media, and certain groups are forcing people to make don’t solve shit. Let people apologize on their own when they mean it! You ain’t changing people’s minds and behavior overnight. I assure you that Don Jones still thinks two men making out is gross and that Jonah Hill still will call his buddy a fag to bust his balls.

PS- I’m not sorry for writing this.
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