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Here we go again…

I’m getting tired of hearing the excuses by Black leaders who are trying to justify the savagery that is going on in Baltimore by blaming oppression. Hearing their argument you would think that residents of Baltimore were fenced in their neighborhoods for decades and forced to procreate without ever leaving. You would think that they were fitted with a shock bracelet that would electrocute them the minute it sensed that they were thinking of bettering their lives.

There are still places in America where there is systemic racial injustice – but Baltimore isn’t one of them. Baltimore is not in the Deep South or Jefferson, Missouri. It’s a marathon run away from our Nation’s capital and a short Amtrak trip from many of our big metropolises. It’s a city under Black leadership – the mayor is Black, the Police Commissioner is Black, the City Council President is Black and most City Council members are Black. If black residents feel they are being victimized by police officers in Baltimore they should present their cases to their black leaders in power. Isn’t that why they were elected into their positions?

Does police brutality exist? Hell yes! It exists all over the place against people of all color. And yes, some asshole cops are racist. But that’s not the real issue in Baltimore. The real issue is people finding comfort in living within the ghetto with no aspirations. Simply put, if police stopped the alleged abuse in Baltimore and didn’t harass one individual, would the ghetto magically disappear and become a paradise? Of course not! It would continue to breed laziness and underachievers. So police brutality is not the problem. And since Baltimore is governed at all levels by blacks, oppression is obviously not the problem either. Their mere existence illustrates hope.

Yet the talking heads on TV keep trying to convince me that we should feel compassion for the looters because they are stocking up on liquor as a way to protest their horrific living conditions. Well, I don’t sympathize. I find it hard to sympathize with thugs who are robbing liquor stores and threatening the lives of firemen who are trying to put out fires they started. I also find it hard to feel sympathy towards generations of Americans who never took the effort and sacrificed to leave the ghetto.

Growing up surrounded by ghettos and spending a good part of my childhood playing ball in ghettos, I can say I’ve been to the ghetto and I understand the ghetto. The problem I saw is that too many people in the ghetto were content in staying the fuck in the ghetto!

Too many people finding comfort living in government housing and working jobs to satisfy the lifestyle they’ve chosen. Then they pass on government housing apartments to the next generation like it’s an inheritance. The people who did make the effort to achieve and make a better life with the desire to make their kid’s lives even better didn’t swallow a magic pill. They made a decision to take action and find their personal path out of the ghetto. Was it easy for them? Probably not – but no one said it would be.

Settling for living in the ghetto is the easy way out. The ghettos have been exploited by churches, rappers, entertainers, liquor stores, corrupt politicians, check cashing places, bodegas, and Chinese restaurants all cashing in on the lack of motivation to achieve. They all banked that ghetto dwellers will not work hard towards a better life and then made their investments. The liquor store on the corner selling $5 dollar 40’s and Dr. Dre selling $300 headphones have it all figured out and its easy prey. But yet these talking heads keep trying and trying to convince me that oppression is the root of these riots in Baltimore – an argument that has reached its expiration date.

The Baltimore riots are nothing more than a bunch of thugs wilding out with no concern about the long- lasting consequences to their own neighborhoods. Thugs that were raised by a previous generation that obviously didn’t take the time and effort to improve the living conditions they inherited.

If bad economic and educational conditions in ghettos are the real problem, I get it…. and shame on the local political leaders for not addressing them. The longer black leaders go on blaming racism for all of the problems of the ghetto in places like Baltimore, the longer the ghetto will thrive. Take some fucking accountability already and save the racism defense for when it’s really racism.

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