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There are no “timeouts” in war.

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If you are diehard pro-Israel or diehard pro-Palestine I suggest you stop reading here. This will save you the time it will take you to send me a message trying to convince me how dumb I am or how I don’t understand the Israel and Palestine mess.

Israel and Palestine have been shooting rockets at each other for days now and the world watches the latest “tussle” between people who hate each other.  I say tussle because although it appears to be a military action with the intent to kill, it lacks the real intent of a “war”.

Just last night both parties agreed to a 5-hour timeout so that people can run errands and get some food.  Really?  A 5-hour timeout in war?  So you get 5 hours to freshen up and buy some food for your home and in the 6th hour they start shooting missiles at your home again? Am I only the only one who feels this makes little sense? In any event, Palestine didn’t honor the 5 hour truce and tried to sneak in some missiles before the 5 hour truce ended. It didn’t work.

Palestinians have launched over 1200 missiles last week towards Israel and have failed to kill 1 Israeli.  Not 1!  On the other side, before Israel sends a missile towards their Palestinian Gaza Strip target they actually call the target by phone and the conversation goes something like this “Hi, I’m an officer in Israeli military intelligence. Just want to give you the heads up that we’re going to bomb your house.  You have 5 minutes to get out”.  If you tell everybody to get out, who are you trying to kill? Do you just want to destroy homes and send people to the streets so that they can die via other means?  Am I only the one who feels this makes little sense?

As per the New York Times at least 200 Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israel’s military the past week.   If the intent of these 2 enemies is to kill each other, obviously they both suck at it.  Israel gets no credit from me for executing a legit military action by killing 200 Palestinians mostly in their homes. This isn’t a war. This is more like a big fight between the Hatfields and the McCoys where both families throw punches but neither has the ability or desire to fully decimate their enemy.

None of this is new. It’s just the latest pissing contest to prove who has the greater might and will in this never-ending drama.

A little over a month ago, 3 Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered allegedly by Hamas .  (Hamas is a Palestinian Islamist political organization and militant group that has waged war on Israel since its 1987 founding, most notably through suicide bombings and rocket attacks. It seeks to replace Israel with a Palestinian state).  Days later, a Palestinian teenager was burned to death by Israelis as retaliation. In addition to this, the Israeli government punishes Palestinians by enforcing blockades and targeting attacks against known Hamas terrorists.  Hamas are not the good guys either since they send rockets to Israeli towns although they are primarily unsuccessful.  Israel admits to bombing homes, hospitals, schools, and mosques and claim that they have to because Hamas purposely stock piles their missiles there hoping Israel wouldn’t attack civilian targets.

Simply said, Israel can end this in a day if they wanted to. Instead they choose to punish civilians by blowing up their homes and callously killing those that happen to be in the way.  In a real war that is not the mission.  The heart of war is killing your enemies until all survivors surrender and do your will.

Palestinians do not have the power to overcome Israel.  Israel does have the power to destroy Palestine but they choose to methodically go through the process. Why? Why punish Palestinians by making their lives miserable?  Why subject them to embargos where they can’t get goods and destroy their homes?  Why give them 5 hour timeouts and then start shooting at them again? Why create a new generation of enemies that won’t forget what you are doing today 10 or 20 years from now?

I am not picking sides here – Israel has good arguments as does Palestine as it relates to their existence.  What I’m pointing out is that both sides have proven that they cannot coexist and never will.   Unless one group surrenders and accepts the other as the ruling party, the region will never stabilize.  This is why Israel should heavily re-consider what their ultimate goal is.  Are they just interested in colonizing Palestinians and suppressing them or do they want to fight their enemy until there is a clear winner?  We already know that the first option will never work.

Back in the 1940’s Japan and Germany were our enemies.  I’m sure people at that time never envisioned peace with these 2 nations.  While at war, America didn’t call Japan households with a “heads up” and we definitely don’t give our enemies 5 hour timeouts to replenish. We bombed Japan without warning and in retaliation to what they did to us.  We didn’t ask Germany for “timeouts” in war; we insisted they surrender.  Today, both Germany and Japan are productive well-behaved societies in good-standing with the world.  Israel can’t have it both ways. They either give Palestinians what they want or fight until Palestine surrenders under Israel’s rule.

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  1. Arda says:

    Brilliantly written. Well said, Marco.

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