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Love him or hate him, there is little argument that Donald Trump is loyal and that he expects the same loyalty from his close associates. In his book “The Art of the Deal” Trump stated how he would set up friends and workers by having contractors offer them bribes and payoffs. On the surface this sounds like the actions of a paranoid man but the motive is clear – he demands loyalty.
This brings us to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. It has been reported that Trump is disgusted with Christie and his actions as governor of New Jersey. The following transcript was secretly recorded during a recent meeting with the two:

Trump: Chris, come in. Sit down.

Christie: Thank you Mr. Trump. How are you today?

Trump: Uh, I’m doing great. Have you seen the polls? I’m ahead in all of them….big…huge leads…it’s incredible….amazing…..even doing good with the Hispanics……I‘m gonna twitter a picture in front of this taco bowl today….you can have it when I’m done…yeah, you’ll eat anything, right?….it’s yours……right after I’m done. So Chris, I called you in to discuss this thing that bothers me

Christie: Oh, the stuff I said about you in the campaign. Please, Mr. Trump accept my forgiveness. I panicked and I listened to bad advice. I didn’t mean it sir.

Trump: No, no, no not that…..that I don’t worry about…I do the same thing when I’m hit…but I come back and hit them harder…and when they drop out of the race…it’s over….no hard feelings. What I’m concerned about is something much more disturbing. Let me ask you a question Chris. What country am I going to make great again?

Christie: Um, America sir.

Trump: Yes, good answer…true…I’m gonna make this country great again. Now Chris, do you think I should make this country great again and cheer for the Russian basketball game during the Olympics? Maybe watch them play America and sit in Putin’s box cheering for the Russians?

Christie: No sir, that would be a bad idea. Your fans will turn on you?

Trump: Really? Hmmmm. Interesting…so you know that would be very bad to do…that tells me you know right from wrong….interesting….so Chris, answer me this…… as the governor of New Jersey isn’t your job to make New Jersey great again?

Christie: Absolutely sir

Trump: Get out of my office Chris….you’re a good guy…really….I like you….but I can’t trust you… don’t have common sense….Dallas is your Russia……and you failed…..failed miserably….how can you make New Jersey great again and cheer for the Dallas Cowboys against the Giants!!!!…..that’s crazy…’s like me cheering for Russia in the Olympics….horrible…..just leave……unbelievable..……no, you can’t have the taco now…..just leave.

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