Visibly Invisible

Arda Itez

Thriving truth seeker. Human conduit. Moon Goddess. Lover of all beings two legged and four. Child of nature. Teacher and student of Universal belief. Writer, poet, Spoken Word performer, former tortured soul. La Loba. Dakini. Opinionated, vocal, avid human and animal rights activist, founder and CEO of Sebastian and Mia's House, non profit animal rescue. National Director of Education Lakme USA.

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Clear as day
Bright as the sun
Sharper than winter’s moon
My friend, my protector, my touchstone.
It’s you
who sees the treasure in me,
my strength and fear,
my humor and pain.
It’s you
who cries with me,
smiles with me,
flies with me,
makes me forget.
It’s you
who believes
that I am created of stars,
each word that I speak, a pearl from my lips,
a brilliant flash and glimpse of my soul.
It’s you
who at once,
makes me feel like a delicate gift,
with the strength of a legion of men.
Those eyes
illuminated crystal, yet softer than silk.
Those eyes that see me as no one else has
That heart that loves me as no one else can
You think I don’t feel, don’t know, can’t see.
But trust, my friend, I do.
I see you as clear as day
As bright as the sun
And sharper than winter’s moon.

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