Who’s your G?

Arda Itez

Thriving truth seeker. Human conduit. Moon Goddess. Lover of all beings two legged and four. Child of nature. Teacher and student of Universal belief. Writer, poet, Spoken Word performer, former tortured soul. La Loba. Dakini. Opinionated, vocal, avid human and animal rights activist, founder and CEO of Sebastian and Mia's House, non profit animal rescue. National Director of Education Lakme USA.

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A little ditty for all the religious text thumpers who denounce all other religion. To those who believe diversity is the devil preaching. To the hellfire and brimstone fearing; ¬†homophobic; anti female; patriarchal God worshiping zealot friends out there…


Who’s your God, my friend?
The one you pray to…cry out to
Beg for comfort when you’re alone at night?
Who’s your God my friend?
The one you quote and ask for hope
When you feel you’re nearing your end?
And who’s your God my friend?
The one who blesses, baptizes, christens and communes?
The one you call father
With all of the power
That you sometimes visit Sundays at noon
And where do you see God my friend?
In temple, in church or your mosque?
Biblical readings and writings, sermons and prayers
From the holy man perched on his box?
How do you know God my friend?
Are you among the ones that he loves?
Those who follow, don’t question, believe in his word
Knowing your God is the only one
Let Thy kingdom come
Let His will be done
As in heaven so on earth
What do you know of God, my friend?
Did he make us, does he break us
Does he reward and punish at will?
Does he pick, does he choose
If we win or we lose
And when you lose, do you believe in him still?
Let me ask you this my friend….
What does your God say about me?
Cause my parents were Muslim
From a far away place…
All Turks in this family tree
Let me tell you a little about my God
And we’ll decide if they’re one and the same.
Cause my Gods no man that lives in the sky
That threatens to punish and shame.
My God is made of the earth and sky and all that exists in between
And lives in the hearts and spirits of those that you’re God may rather not see
My God lives in the faggots and queens
The ones your God would condemn to his hell
The butches and dykes
The trannies, the queers
Those cursed by your Satan’s spell
My God loves the niggers, the spics, the gooks that get on your nerves.
The junkies, the homeless, the “not like the rest”,
The ones your God might kick to the curb
The kikes, wetbacks, dotheads and chinks,
Your God may know them by name
My God has never heard these before
Because spirit is one and the same.
My God doesn’t live in a church or a mosque
Any temple constructed by hand
My God lives in my sacred soul
No rules or judgments by man
So…let me ask again….
Who’s your God my friend?
Is yours and mine one and the same?
Will your God love me in spite of my words?
As mine loves you, without name?

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