Yankee fan wants 10 million for taking a nap!


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If anyone knows the sleeping moron at the Yankee game or his attorneys please contact them and tell them to add me to their lawsuit. I’m going on record to say that Andrew Robert Rector is a narcoleptic retahd who should be banned from Yankee Stadium because he risks his life by not paying attention; and his attorneys are immoral con-men who should be banned by the bar association. (by the way I will keep calling him names throughout this article until he sues me lol)

This dumb fan that appeared to have good seats could have easily been seriously hurt if a player lined a foul ball directly to his fat face. Some player could’ve been living with guilt if the Sleeping Beauty was permanently injured or worse. Yet somehow he has flipped the script and sued ESPN, Major League Baseball, and the NY Yankees for posting his sleeping chins on TV and also sued the commentators who were just having some light-hearted fun at his expense. One of the commentators is the famously overweight ex-player John Kruk, yet this ahole claims Kruk was making fun of his weight. If Kruk is guilty of anything it’s self-effacing humor. This sue-happy idiot is wasting the court’s time.

The United States is famous for frivolous lawsuits. Unmotivated, lazy, and scheming people are manipulated by unscrupulous bottom – feeder attorneys who go after corporations looking for a quick settlement. They advertise all day running commercials on shows like Jerry Springer or The People’s Court trying to get a lazy sack-of-shit that should be working to remember if they ever fell at a McDonald’s or something. Why work when there’s a possibility that some corporation caused you “pain and suffering”?

I find it hard to believe that this dude filed the suit on his own. Somebody convinced him that those couple of minutes when viewers were forced to see him dreaming of donuts were the first of his fifteen minutes of fame. In addition, they told him that he would get something out of filing a suit because big companies don’t want to spend all that money defending a lawsuit. Why give a lawyer $20,000 to fight a lawsuit when they can give a hibernating bear at a Yankee game free tickets or a few hundred dollars, right? Wrong! I beg that the MLB, the Yankees, and ESPN make an example out of this fool and his attorneys and hit them with a serious counter-suit. In addition, they should file a complaint with the New York State Bar Association to bar or get sanctions from the attorneys. Something has to be done to discourage these ridiculous lawsuits.

However, I’m starting to really feel that these law suits are designed by our government. Let’s think about it for a second. First, the plaintiff’s attorney has the nerve to file this suit and risk being scolded and punished by the judge who hears it. Unless he feels protected, why would he take that chance? Second, these frivolous lawsuits keep the court economy going. They employ thousands in every municipal court throughout the country. They pad city and state budgets by collecting filing fees and court costs. The media benefits via legal ad placed on their outlets and then prosper again by reporting and sensationalizing them. The whole system is guilty and any kind of over haul of it would require going after attorneys and seriously fining plaintiffs who a panel of judges decide was out to make a quick dollar .

Kidding aside, this guy knows the commentators didn’t hurt him in any way. If anything he got a little fame and a good story out of it. This could’ve easily been me if I was tired and the cameras caught me. I’m sure the commentators would’ve said the same thing they said if it was me. However, the last thing I would’ve done is file a lawsuit. That’s just ridiculous. As taxpayers we should all be concerned with clowns like this guy because we ultimately pay the overhead associated with the costs of running a court system. If plaintiff’s and their attorneys keep abusing our legal system without any fear of consequences those unmotivated, lazy, and scheming folks will keep dreaming of ways to strike it rich (or try to get free Yankee tickets).

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